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4 Months After Smartlipo Touch Up, Could It Be Swelling Still? (photo)

4 months after my smartlipo touch up below my bellybutton, (they broke up some fibrosis and did a small touch up) could it be swelling still? gets... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Skin Rippling?

I had Smart Lipo done a year ago on my inner and outer thighs, and didn't get good results. I am 5'4", and weigh 130 lbs. I have exercised... READ MORE

7 Months After Smart Lipo and Still No Results

Hi, I had smart lipo 7 months ago on my inner, outer thighs and knees and ive only had complications! First the laser caused a burn which has left a... READ MORE

I Am 2 Weeks Post S/L, and my Weight Has Increased by 3lbs. Despite Being on a Diet. Why?

I Am 2 Weeks Post S/L,  and my Weight Has Increased by 3lbs. Despite Being on a Diet. Why? READ MORE

How Do I Know if the Hardness in my Stomach is Muscle?

I am 36 years old 5 ft. 1 in. 130 pds. and mother of two kids. I had smartlipo done two weeks ago today. The dr. took out over 1000 cc's from my abs... READ MORE

4 Years Post-Lipo on Thighs- Still experience Swelling When I Run, Why?

I had inner and outer thigh lipo and was so pleased I went back for smartlipo on the back & front of my thighs. I am a runner, and I've... READ MORE

What Could Be the Cause for No Results After Smartlipo?

I am a little over 6 months post smartlipo and no results are seen. Not even down to pre-op measurements. One Dr suggested I gained weight, and... READ MORE

Belly Button Incision Began Leaking 2 Most Post Op from SmartLipo, Why?

I had smartlipo about 2 mos ago on my abdomin & flanks. I had the expected leakage which subsided within 24 hrs. Left side was taking longer to... READ MORE

I Had a Spartlipo in September 2011 and Have Not Had a Period Since?

It is now 3 months after my smart lipo procedure and have not had a period, I took several pregnancy test and they are all negative.. READ MORE

Can Smart Lipo Cause Gallbladder Polyp?

I had my smart lipo done a year ago and few days ago I had an abdominal ultrasound which I was told that I hv a gallbladder polyp (1cm)and my... READ MORE

Is this bulge swelling, or my muscle not attached, or even excess fat? Will it go away?(Photo)

I had smart lipo done 4 weeks ago and I am noticing I don't feel as swollen as before but my stomach looks bulky. Something it didn't look like before... READ MORE

Can Smart Lipo of the armpit area cause a decrease in the top of breast fullness?

I know, weird. But, I'm 5 weeks post op and had lots of lymphatic swelling and lumps in my left armpit and I just noticed the top of my left breast is... READ MORE

What exactly causes the lumps after Smart Lipo triplex?

I have hardened areas on my abdomen. I literally have the whole lower portion of my belly (the part that would technically be hanging over pants) that... READ MORE

What could cause weight gain and not weight loss after SmartLipo?

I had procedures done on my abs, flanks, inner and outer thighs back in January/February. At my follow-ups there was no weight loss. Now, I am even 14... READ MORE

What could the hard lump that is still there 18 months after smart lipo on my stomach be?

It's been a year and a half since I had liposuction on my abdomen and I still have a hard lump on the left side. The other lumps resolved, this one... READ MORE

Any suggestions on Smart lipo?

Inerested in smart lipo...I see some patients have lumps. Is that caused by the surgeon not being that experienced? READ MORE

My Skin Seems to Be Stuck After Smart Lipo?

I had smart lipo done to my torso two months ago and it seems that on my right side from around my armpit to my waist my skin is stuck to a muscle. I... READ MORE

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