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Fluid Pocket, Burning Sensation, 2 Weeks After Smart Lipo

Im 13 days after smartlipo in my abs, flanks and axila/bra area and 5 days ago I developed a big wavy pocket next to my belly button the size of a cd,... READ MORE

Laser Smart Lipo Side Effects- Burning Sensation 1 Month Post Op.

I had laser smart lipo almost a month ago. I am still having a BURNING sensation all over my core area. I feel like my skin is raw and it hurts. I am... READ MORE

How Do I Tell if I Have an Infection After Smartlipo?

I had Smartlipo Friday morning, last about 4 hours. They did upper and lower abd's, waist/flank. They took about 3700cc's. I have a very high... READ MORE

10 Wks Post Smart Lipo with Constant Burning Pain in L Groin, Will This Ever Go Away?

Inner and outer thighs were done. Still also with some numbness in some areas but the burning pain in the L groin is constant. READ MORE

I Have Bad Burning Pain on Stomach and Flanks After 8 Wks from Smart Lipo. Doc Said I Shouln't Be Still Hurting?

He Ordered voltaren gel. It is not working at all. He said steroids would be next. I do not want to take steroids based on my previous experiences... READ MORE

Is Burning Pain Normal After Smart Lipo?

I had traditional lipo 6 months before in abdominal area. I was told there would be a revision. Instead, I went to another doctor for smart lipo, but... READ MORE

I Am Having a Burning Sensation in my Legs and my Smart Lipo Was on my Hips and Abs?

I had a upper/lower abs and hips smart lipo 11 days ago and I am having so much burning in my shins when I am in a sitting position. Is this a common... READ MORE

Can I Use Preparation H for Burning Sensation on Areas Treated by Smart Lipo? (photo)

I had Smart Lipo performed on 5/1/13 (1 month ago), and I feel a burning sensation under my skin (flanks, stomach, back, and thighs). I put... READ MORE

I Had Smart Lipo 5 Weeks Ago. I Still Have Burning in my Right Side and It's All Wrinkled and Lumpy and Sore, Is This Common?

I Had Smart Lipo 5 Weeks Ago. I Still Have Burning in my Right Side and It's All Wrinkled and Lumpy and Sore... Is This Common READ MORE

Did SmartLipo on Arms 10 Days Ago and I See No Change?

I have some minor bruising and a slight burning sensation near my elbows, but that is it! My trouble area was the upper arm. This part is still just... READ MORE

Smoke from Melted Fat During Smart Liposuction?

I saw a YouTube video of how Smart Lipo was performed. The operator was melting chicken fat. Throughout the procedure, the the burning fat was... READ MORE

Can you help me understand burning pain with pressure, 5 days post "smart" liposuction?

I had "smart lipo" 5 days ago and I am now concerned about the burning pain I am experiencing. I had lipo on my abdomen, hips, and thighs. I now have... READ MORE

1 week after Smart Lipo, I still have a belly and I have a burning feeling? Could this be fluid?

I had my lipo on wed may 28 the belly I wanted go e is still there and it feels like au burn. Can this be fluid ? READ MORE

I Had Smart Lipo on my Neck Almost Two Months Ago and Have Burning, Is This Normal?

And pain by the end of the day. to the point that I have to take meds. Is this normal? I also had it on my stomach. I still can't go without the... READ MORE

Should I still have tightness, burning, tingling, hard spots, and shooting pains 4 weeks after abdominal smartlipo?

Also, It is hard to bend due to swelling; and it hurts when I reach. I am still extremely uncomfortable. I am still wearing the compression garment,... READ MORE

Do I need to seek medical attention soon/immediately after Smart Lipo?

I had my upper and lower abs and LHs done 3 days ago and the pain keeps getting more intense. I am now taking loritab. The pain in my abdomen is an... READ MORE

About smart lipo/cavitation and radiation absorption. Is it safe?

I am thinking about getting a smart lipo or ultrasound cavitation.Which is better between those two? I know that both procedures use RF radiation at... READ MORE

Burning Sensation After Smart Lipo

I am now two months post op from SmartLipo on my lower and upper abs and my flanks. I'm experiencing some serious burning sensations in my lower back... READ MORE

I had smartlipo done 3 days ago to my full abs, flanks, thighs and knees under general anesthesia. Why am I in severe pain?

I am on Vicodin 300mg, Ketorolac 10mg Methocarbamol 500mg, Arnica pills and Cipro 500mg and in severe pain. I can't stand up fully, I have to walk... READ MORE

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