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SmartLipo Burn - What Should I Do?

I had smartlipo laser lipo and now believe i may have 2nd or third degree burns. Is this normal??? the problem is the area. it is all over my pubic... READ MORE

Why Did I Get Burned During SmartLipo Treatments?

I recently had Smart lipo on my lower abs and during the procedure, I heard the doctor tell the nurse there is a malfunction and I smelled burning... READ MORE

When the Smart Lipo Lazer Melts Fat Does It Also Burn Muscle?

I am thinking about smart lipo. I am 52.. when the lazer melts the fat does it also burn the muscle? And how does the fat drain other than through the... READ MORE

Burn After Smart Lipo on Inner Thighs

I had Smart Lipo done on my inner thighs on April 3rd and was burned. It's oval-shaped, about two inches long and one inch wide on my inner thigh. My... READ MORE

Considering smart lipo, third time lipo patient. Is it common to perform lipo with local anesthesia on scar tissue?

Hi, this will be my 3rd time having lipo, the previous docs did not remove much fat from my abdomen and left me with hard scar tissue(using reg... READ MORE

I have recently had smart lipo burn on my jaw line which has turned into a hole, is this normal? (photo)

Initially I was burned with smart lipo on my jaw, it turned into a hole. It became increasingly worse over a course of 3 weeks, I had a scar revision... READ MORE

Why does Lipo burn? (Photo)

I've had smartlipo done on me here in the U.S. and I didn't have Lipo burns. Unfortunately the procedure was only done on my lower abs because the... READ MORE

Severe internal burns from smart lipo 2 years ago? He was not a licensed plastic surgeon which I learned the hard way.

Im not even sure there is an answer to my question :-( He burned all of my insides, inner thigh, outer thigh and knees. Plus burned a hole right... READ MORE

Is Smart Lipo Safer?

I have been considering smart lipo because I felt it was "safer", no need to go under, recover more quickly. Now I am not so sure. I keep reading it... READ MORE

Can this be revised and look normal or is it to late? (photos)

I had smartlipo about 7 yrs ago and had a terrible turnout. I was even burned from the inside out on my skin... (Notice in photos on left side). I... READ MORE

Blistering with laser assisted Lipo. Are these really burns? (Photo)

I had laser assisted Lipo on my upper and lower stomach and flanks just under 2 weeks ago. Within the first week my skin turned dark and started to... READ MORE

Why did I have such drastically different reactions on different parts of my body to CoolSculpting? (photo)

I had 3 spots done in 2 days. 1 no redness no swelling not even a mark. Second spot severe burn, done at the same time. If they is no visible anything... READ MORE

Are these burns normal? Is this fluid build up normal? (photos)

I had smartlipo 6/30/16. I have burns and fluid buildup in my lower abdomen. It is really soft. Will this resolve on its own? Going back to my PS is... READ MORE

Can lumps and a burn be corrected from smart lipo? (Photos)

I had smartlipo a year ago and was left with severe bumps and bubbles all over areas lipoed, my stomach and back. I also have a burn under my skin,... READ MORE

Normal Energy Setting for Smart Lipo?

I had smart lipo done on my chest. After surgery was over with, and i took off the foam on my chest, i had a HORRIBLE burn/gaping hole under my right... READ MORE

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