Bra Line + Smart Lipo

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Why Didn't Smart Lipo Work on Me?

I had smart lipo on knees, inner and outer thigh, love handles, upper back (bra area) and upper arms. One year later and still no improvement. My... READ MORE

When Can Sexual Intercourse Resume Safely After Smartlipo?

I am 5 days post-procedure and all drainage has stopped from the 7 incisions of the abdominals, flanks and bra fat areas. I am still swollen and am... READ MORE

Smartlipo w/suction done 5 weeks ago - No results?

Good morning! So I had smart lipo done on Sept 22nd. It has been 5 weeks and I dont see ANY results. The only good thing is all the bruising is gone... READ MORE

Fluid Pocket, Burning Sensation, 2 Weeks After Smart Lipo

Im 13 days after smartlipo in my abs, flanks and axila/bra area and 5 days ago I developed a big wavy pocket next to my belly button the size of a cd,... READ MORE

What Procedure Will Remove my Bra Overhang?

I'm 30yrs old, 5'5" and 125lbs. I have excess fat/bra overhang near my armpits that doesn't go away with exercise. My friend is a... READ MORE

Smart Lipo for Bra Area?

What are the pros and cons of using Smart Lipo to address back fat, particularly for the bulge beneath the bra line? READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait to Do Smart Lipo on a Different Area of the Body?

I had smart lipo on my love handles and now I want to do it on my abdomen and bra area? How long do I have to wait between procedures? READ MORE

Smart lipo in the abdomen, flanks, bra and back and possible fat transfer to the buttocks (Photo)

I have had one doctor tell me I need an abdomialplasti and tummy tuck but I'm not willing to go thru and extensive surgury. Need help finding a doctor... READ MORE

Is it necessary to get bra roll and/or love handles done via Smart Lipo?

I am getting my upper and lower abdomen done but was wondering if having the love handles and/or bra roll are necessary? I feel like once the weight... READ MORE

I had smart lipo on 5/15, I haven't seen much results. It seems like I am bigger now than last month. Why? (Photo)

I am unhappy with the results of smart liposuction performed to hips, upper/lower abs, waist, bra rolls 3 months ago, I have fat rolls protruding on... READ MORE

How does Smart Lipo feel during actual procedure?

I'm having smart Lipo to remove bra rolls and dog ears around waist in back...I'm just really scared about being awake. I see a lot of info about... READ MORE

I'm 4 months post op from smart lipo of the abdomen, flanks and bra line. (photos)

I've developed this spongy mass on my right lower abdomen after my seroma healed which was located on my lower abdomen above my vag. I looked better 5... READ MORE

How much would it cost to use smart lipo on my abdomen, arms and bra fat? Can all this be done at the same time? (Photo)

Also would it be more effective to have an arm lift instead of smart lipo on my arms especially to get rid of that lil under arm fat? Ps sorry about... READ MORE

What is the general amount of downtime after Smart Lipo?

I would like to have my abdomen, back bra strap area, hips, and flanks done. How long are drains in place? And when is it possible to return to work? READ MORE

Is it normal to have loose skin on one side after smart lipo? (photos)

I laid wrong one night and noticed I had some slight loose skin on ONE side. I had smart lipo of my upper and lower abdomen and flanks and bra fat. I... READ MORE

How Long Before Smart Lipo Results Show Up?

I had Smart Lipo on my back, flanks, and under and above my bra line 5 days ago. When I have taken my garment off most of those areas don't look much... READ MORE

Is $7500 Reasonable for Smart Lipo to Several Areas?

Is $7500.00 a reasonable price for Smart Lipo on upper and lower abs, love handles, and bra line? How much is Smart Lipo per area in Las Vegas?... READ MORE

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