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Smart Lipo on Mother's Apron Belly?

Looking to Have Smart Lipo From a Doctor that is Fare in Price. Also if Smart lipo works on a Mother's Apron Belly? I really dont want to do a... READ MORE

Smart Lipo for Minimal Tightening of Loose Skin on Belly Button?

Skin tightening needed around belly button but does NOT warrant Tummy Tuck. I have done lots of research regarding how I can tighten a small amount of... READ MORE

Can Smart Lipo Remove Entire Belly Fat?

All of my fat is concentrated in my belly and lower belly. I measure about 48 inches around. Due to exercise limits from my doctor, I am am only... READ MORE

Smartlipo - Am I a Good Candidate?

Hi, I am 31 years old,a size 8,126 lbs and 5ft 6/7. The problem i have is my flanks,tummy and upper abdomen are much bigger than the rest of me. I... READ MORE

Smart Lipo for Sagging Skin Along the Bikini Line?

After the child birth my tummy got saggy and ugly stretched marks bellow the belly button.I do work out and rest of the body is in good shape but I... READ MORE

A Doctor in Orlando, FL Recommend Me Smartlipo, $4500, I Need to Know if is Worthy? (photo)

Hi, im 36yrs old, i have 3 kids 2 of them c-section and i haven't loose my baby fat around my stomach. I work out but havent loose that baby fat. I... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Feel Fluid Ander the Skin One-two Days After Smartlipo?

I can actually feel and hear the fluid as I touch the area. ThereĀ“s as been no leaking from the "holes". Will this disaeper with time or is it ... READ MORE

Fluid Retention 10 Weeks After Smart Lipo?

I had smart lipo under my bellybutton 10 weeks ago and i seem to be retaining a lot of fluid, which has worsened noticeably in the past 2 weeks. i... READ MORE

How Are Smart Lipo Results Superior to Alternatives for Enhancing the Stomach?

How does smart lipo compare to the other types of liposuction on the abdomen? compared to Liposculpture? or others? READ MORE

Smartlipo of the Belly 4 Weeks Ago and Have Alot of Pain on my Right Side, Should I be Concerned?

I had Smartlipo of the belly 4 weeks ago and have alot of pain on my right side still I'm getting scared. The doctor said everyone heals... READ MORE

After having smart lipo in the abdomen, is it normal to have a flat belly one day and bloated the next as if you never had lipo?

I had smart lipo ten days ago. My belly was almost completely flat after the procedure but today it looks like I didn't get the procedure done at all... READ MORE

1 week after Smart Lipo, I still have a belly and I have a burning feeling? Could this be fluid?

I had my lipo on wed may 28 the belly I wanted go e is still there and it feels like au burn. Can this be fluid ? READ MORE

Smart Lipo at 55 for Tummy? (photos)

I am 55 and always have had a belly but am slim otherwise. The reason I am considering laser lipo is when I lose weight I lose off my hips and... READ MORE

Do you think a Smart Lipo will work for me to get a flat belly? (Photo)

I'm a mother of one child. One yr I used to weight 145 n gained weight to 175. Now I lost it n weight 150 to 155. I lift alot n do lots of cardio.I'm... READ MORE

Why is there a drastic change in some people with smart lipo but not others?

I've been looking at a lot of before/after photos of smart lipo on the abdomen (on people that are just about the same size) and I notice that some... READ MORE

I want to to do smartlipo in my belly, neck and back while I am breastfeeding?

Iam 30 year old have 2 boys .. first one 2 year and half the second is 3 month old .. my wight 155 lb and 5.1 feet ... iwant to to do smartlipo in my... READ MORE

Will I be a good candidate for Smart Lipo or a tummy tuck? (Photo)

I had the sleeve gastrectomy a year ago i lost 60 lb since then and am very unsitisfy with the way my belly looks READ MORE

Is Smart Lipo possible for me? 5'5, 173lbs. Lower belly was always there even before pregnancy, even when I was 130lbs. (photo)

I have two children. I exercise 4-5 times a week and still cannot get rid of my belly fat. I also have hypothyroidism. I am looking for something with... READ MORE

When to See Difference from Abdominal Smart Lipo?

After three years of battling with the belly bulge after my baby, I decided to do Smart Lipo on upper and lower abs. I had it done on Friday and... READ MORE

Safe to Have Smart Lipo 9 Months After C-section?

I just had a baby 9 months ago through a c-section. Would my body be ready for Smart Lipo on my belly? READ MORE

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