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How Much Does Smart Lipo Cost?

Is there a flat Smart Lipo price or do you pay per area? Does the amount of fat you have taken out affect the cost of SmartLipo? READ MORE

Liposuction Vs. SmartLipo ~ Which is Better?

I have been to two doctors, one wants to do smart lipo and one is a plastic surgeon and said smart lipo is not as good and performs only traditional... READ MORE

Vaser vs Smart Lipo

Is the Vaser lipo better than the Smart lipo system?  Can someone tell me what's the difference and what type usually works best for getting rid... READ MORE

What is Smart Lipo Laser?

Can someone explain what is Smart Lipo? how is smartlipo different from normal liposuction surgery? READ MORE

How Much Skin Tightening from Smart Lipo?

I'm 48 years old, 5' 2" tall, and weigh about 127. I currently have a small amount of loose skin and not a lot of fat. I have a lot of muscle, am... READ MORE

How Much Weight Can Safely Be Lost with Smart Lipo?

I have researched SmartLipo and I truly want to do this. I have lost and kept off 60lbs for over 5 years and even had a baby during this time. I am a... READ MORE

SmartLipo Vs Lipo-Ex?

I have a layer of fat around my thighs. I have tried diet and exercise, but they don't work. I have been to see 2 different doctors in the area... READ MORE

Amount of fat loss from Smart Lipo

I had SmartLipo a week ago today and I'm very nervous waiting on the results. I can see some but hopefully when I go for my 2-week follow-up and... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Vs. Liposuction on Upper Arms and Love Handles

I'm 5'2", 110 lbs, and Asian. I had Liposuction on my upper arms in 2004 and never really saw the results I was looking for. Will Smart Lipo on... READ MORE

How Much Does Smartlipo Cost for the Whole Abdomen Area?

I live in Texas City close to the Houston area and i would like to know around how much money will i be out of if i had my fat cells melted and skin... READ MORE

How Much Bruising and Swelling Does Smart Lipo Cause?

I assume smart lipo requires lots of downtime to recover.  no swimsuits for a few months READ MORE

Smartlipo Arms

I am interested in Smart Lipo around my arms and armpit fat. I want to take 2 inches off of each arm and get rid of that fatty skin by my armpit... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Thighs

I went to my Dr. and had a second consultation for the Smart Lipo procedure. I am not 100% sure if I am a good candidate for this and I left the... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Vs Ultrasound Lipo?

Which between Smart Lipo and Ultrasound Lipo produces better results? Do both firm and tighten once the fat is taken out? Are both done with local... READ MORE

Will Fat Come Back After Smart Lipo?

I'm considering getting a Smart Lipo done on my abdomen, muffin top and bra roll area. My question is: does the fat return after you gain weight? READ MORE

What is a Typical Smart Lipo Recovery?

I'm considering Smart lipo for some contouring of my tummy and flanks, but first I want to know what I can expect from the recovery period. What kind... READ MORE

Difference Between Smart Lipo and Ultrasound Assisted Liposculpture?

What is the difference between Smart Lipo and ultrasound assisted Liposculpture? READ MORE

How Often Do Smart Lipo Side Effects Occur?

My friend got regular Liposuction done a year ago and her tummy ended up terribly bumpy, hard and uneven. Then, she went for smart lipo six months ago... READ MORE

Smart Lipo or Cool Lipo for Correcting Dents?

I had liposuction on hips, butt, and knees done twice because the surgeon wasn't happy with his job. The cannula took what I call gashes of fat and... READ MORE

Complications for Smart Lipo on Pubic Mound?

I'm interested in getting Smart Lipo for the mons pubis area, but this is a very delicate area, and I was wondering, are there any possible major... READ MORE

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