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How Many Inches is Typical to Lose with Smart Lipo in the Stomach Area?

Im having smart lipo done in a week. But im second guessing my decision. I'm wondering how many inches is "typical" to lose in the stomach area from... READ MORE

Smart Lipo - Is 1000CC Enough to Have Removed?

I had 1000cc's removed with smart lipo three weeks ago and don't see much difference as of now . I am 5'9" 155lbs ,24yr old female .... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Triplex Inner Thighs? (Photos now attached)

Hi, I had my pre op today and my ps said she was only going to remove 200 cc's from both inner thighs and she said my inner thighs would STILL be... READ MORE

After Smart Lipo Surgery, What is the Difference Between Weight Lost and Inches Lost? Which is Greater? (photo)

I keep seeing all these posts saying that after surgery no one is happy with the weight lose...but seeing before and after pics its a HUGE difference.... READ MORE

Only Took out About 325CC's of Fat and Solution with Smart Lipo

I had Smartlipo done on my flanks yesterday and the Dr. only took out 325 CC's of fat and solution. Is this a common amount? From the posts... READ MORE

Is 500cc of Fat Alot to Take from Love Handles/flanks?

Im 5ft5 and 148lbs im just worried that i will not see any difference? READ MORE

Is the Risk of Lumping Greater the More Fat You Have Removed?

I'm considering having smart lipo on my love handles and abs but i'm really afraid of the lumping people are complaining about. I'm pretty... READ MORE

Does Amount of Fat Removed Affect the Recovery Period After Smart Lipo?

I am planning on getting rid of some extra fat that diet and exercise failed to remove, I don't have much. The procedure will be done on... READ MORE

What Procedure is Best to Get Rid of the Most Fat from the Stomach Area?

As Im starting my research, Im coming across more procedures that I have never heard of before. Im 5"5 and 189lbs. Most of my weight is in my stomach... READ MORE

600cc Taken for Smart and Vibro Lipo

I had smart and vibro lipo 3 days ago. I am 5'4 and 138 lbs. Although I know I will be bruised, swollen and not see results for sometime, I am... READ MORE

Am i a good candidate for smartlipo on my abdomen flanks, and inner and outer thighs? (photos)

I am going in for smartlipo in the next 2 weeks and am not sure if I want to do just my stomach area or if my thighs would respond well to the... READ MORE

Smart Lipo and amount of fat aspirated (Photo)

45 yo -2 children. lost about 40 lbs over last 2 years, i run approx 80-100 mIles/month. I had smart lipo yesterday (pics are one day post op) I had... READ MORE

What type of results can I expect from Smart Lipo? What is the size I should be after and how much can be removed? (photo)

I am excited to be having smart lipo on my abs, back and flanks. Right now I have a 40.5-42" waist. I've seen several posts here where under... READ MORE

What is the optimal amount of bodyfat for Smart Lipo?

Hello everyone, I am new to the forum but have lurked the site for about 2 years. I am currently at 11.4% body fat (Hydrostatic Weighing), however my... READ MORE

Is 2 litres enough fat to have been removed during Smart Lipo?

3 weeks ago I had smart lipo on my inner and outer thighs, hips and my abdomen. I had a TT 6 months earlier but still had a little pouch. Due to a... READ MORE

Would 150cc Smart Lipo from stomach, flanks, inner thighs and waist make a difference? (Photo)

On 3rd Dec I had breast implants with fat transfer and also paid extra for lipo to flanks, stomach, waist and inner thighs. My stomach looks exactly... READ MORE

I had Smart Lipo on front/back trunk & inner thighs a year ago. 4.5 liters were removed & I lost 18 lbs. I looked/felt good

Dec. but gained back 8 lbs. Not looking good anymore! I'm off for 2 months & going to the gym/working on my diet. Will it be easier or harder to lose... READ MORE

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