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Is Smart Lipo on Arms Safe for Patient Who Had Breast Cancer?

I had breast cancer 11 yrs ago; stage 1 NO node involvement; radiation and lumpectomy with node dissection (don't know how many removed). Had minor... READ MORE

Smart Lipo or Cool Lipo for Sagging Lower Stomach?

I am 61 years old. Will Smart Lipo or Cool Lipo work for sagging lower stomach (apron), or will they not work at all to pull the skin tight? READ MORE

I Have Bad Burning Pain on Stomach and Flanks After 8 Wks from Smart Lipo. Doc Said I Shouln't Be Still Hurting?

He Ordered voltaren gel. It is not working at all. He said steroids would be next. I do not want to take steroids based on my previous experiences... READ MORE

Does Smartlipo Tighten Skin?

Does smartlipo tighten skin. I am almost 56. I am about 5 lbs overweight. I have lost about 25 lbs over the last 10 years. My skin is getting lose... READ MORE

Do the final results of Smart Lipo really take 6 months to show?

I had Smart Lipo on my arms two months ago at the age of 61 (female). Currently, my right arm has a lot of loose skin, and my left arm has loose skin... READ MORE

Does one need to have a full physical prior to smart lipo, including EKG?

One doctor I consulted with says I need to have a full physical exam with EKG before smart lipo procedure, not sure that the insurance will cover this... READ MORE

Smart Lipo on 59-year-old with Heart Issues?

59 year old with ICD/ pacemaker and dialated cardiomyopathy. Difficult to exericise and diet excess fat. Can I recieve Smart Lipo? READ MORE

Can Slim Neck Benefit from Smart Lipo to Tighten the Skin?

I am a 55yo woman and slim of figure all my life. I have been getting Titan treatments for 6 yrs on a regular basis, so the skin is nice, its not a... READ MORE

Smart lipo vs thermage or vela shape. Which is the best option?

Hello, I'm contemplating on having a smart lipo procedure to my jawline & chin. I'm 55 y.o.and have a double chin, would it make my skin loose, my... READ MORE

How long before I can travel by air after Smart Lipo?

I'm looking into having the Smart Lipo procedure done in California.  I live in Alaska, and it will take up to 12 hours to fly back up here... READ MORE

Smart Lipo at 55 for Tummy? (photos)

I am 55 and always have had a belly but am slim otherwise. The reason I am considering laser lipo is when I lose weight I lose off my hips and... READ MORE

Does Smartlipo Tighten Skin. I Am Almost 56. Will My Skin Sag After Smartlipo?

Does smartlipo tighten skin. I am almost 56. I am about 5 lbs overweight. I have lost about 25 lbs over the last 10 years. My skin is getting lose... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for Smart Lipo? (Photo)

Am I a candidate for Smartlipo?I'm 56 years old and I have been working out for over 20 years. I developed loose skin on my belly and flanks but you... READ MORE

I Take Warfarin Due to Past History of DVTs?

I have had 3 DVT's over the past 30 years starting at age 25. I am now 61 and have been on coumadin (warfarin) therapy since 1997 to prevent DVT. If I... READ MORE

55, male. would like to have flanks done. Could I expect improvement without adding more crepey skin? (Photo)

I had smart lip about 3 years ago. I feel like I would like to have my flanks done a little more. There was a little bit of creeping of skin and some... READ MORE

3 months post op from Smart Lipo on flanks and abdomen. Removed 1.2 liters. Swelling still present. How long will it last?

I weat my compression garment at night. In the mornings the swelling is reduced but by. The endof the day my body is just a big as before I had lipo.... READ MORE

3 month post op - Am I seeing swelling or is this the final results?

Male - 58 - 191lbsHad my flanks and Abdomen done in April and just had my 3 month post op. I continue to wear my garment at night and in the mornings... READ MORE

Can obese 144cm, 87kg, 64 year female, large distended stomach on hypertension medication have liposuction before knee replaced?

Seeking options for my mum who due to her weight and size has knee arthritis. Knee replacement was recommended and fear weight will only damage new... READ MORE

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