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When Can I Sleep Normally After Smart Lipo?

I had my procedure done 15 days ago on my flanks and upper/lower abs. When can I begin to sleep normally? (on my sides, belly, etc...) READ MORE

When Can I Be Ok Working out Abs After Lipo?

I had "smart" and traditional lipo with tumescence done 3 weeks ago. When may I return to the gym to work on abs? (too sore now but... READ MORE

Will Smart Lipo Help Reveal 6-pack Abs?

Will Smart Lipo help revealing 6-pack abs and give the "ripped look" to a male given the facts that his BMI is 22 and his body fat is around 15% and a... READ MORE

Fluid Pocket, Burning Sensation, 2 Weeks After Smart Lipo

Im 13 days after smartlipo in my abs, flanks and axila/bra area and 5 days ago I developed a big wavy pocket next to my belly button the size of a cd,... READ MORE

How Can Smart Lipo Tighten Skin?

I am considering Liposuction after having twins. I have a large fold with some stretch marks on my lower abs. My lower abs have always been a big... READ MORE

Smart Lipo for Ab Sculpting

I'm a thin person, when I flex my upper abdomen I can see my abs showing through, but not in my lower abdomen (there's some excess fat there).... READ MORE

When will you start seeing final results of Smart Lipo? I'm 3 1/2 weeks post-op and not happy with my results so far. (Photo)

I had smartlipo 3 1/2 weeks ago on my abs, flanks, and inner thighs. I have noticed a difference but how long to see final results? I am not happy... READ MORE

How Do I Tell if I Have an Infection After Smartlipo?

I had Smartlipo Friday morning, last about 4 hours. They did upper and lower abd's, waist/flank. They took about 3700cc's. I have a very high... READ MORE

Smartlipo (Upper and Lower Abdomen)

I really want to get my lower abdomen done, possibly my upper too. My question is from what location of the abdomen does the lower abdomen and upper... READ MORE

How Long is the Procedure on Abs and Flanks for Smart Lipo?

My doctor is putting me under general anesthesia and the girl at the front desk said it will take 2 hours and 30 mins. i forgot to ask my doctor but... READ MORE

Is the Risk of Lumping Greater the More Fat You Have Removed?

I'm considering having smart lipo on my love handles and abs but i'm really afraid of the lumping people are complaining about. I'm pretty... READ MORE

Smart Lipo to Abs: Can the Incisions Only Be in the Belly Button?

I will be getting breast augmentation and smart lipo in my upper and lower abs in a few weeks. My dr told me today that their will only be two... READ MORE

Vaginal Discharge After Smart Lipo - Normal?

The lipo was done to my abs and flanks. It has been almost 3 wks and I noticed it about 5 days after the procedure. I also have an IUD so I was... READ MORE

Skin Hurts to Touch After Smart Lipo

I had Smart Lipo on Feb. 9th on my upper and lower abs, and my skin still HURTS to touch it. Is this normal, and is there anything I can do to help it? READ MORE

In Need of Fat Grafting After Bad Liposuction: Can I Ask Original Doc for a Refund?

I had smartlipo almost three years ago. I have a dent in my upper arm, pain, and a puff of fat at the top that looks ridiculous. My abs are bumpy like... READ MORE

Can smart lipo help get more defined stomach?

I have been working out and watching my weight but can't lose anymore due to thinning of my face. I still feel fat on my stomach. Is it possible to... READ MORE

No Results from Smartlipo?

I had Smart Lipo about 2 weeks ago on my abs and love handles, and I really don't see any results. If anything I have become bigger in my lower... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Sweat More Than Normal After Smart Lipo?

I am 2 months post op and I just seem to be sweating way more than normal. I had my thighs, calves and abs done. READ MORE

How many areas of Smart Lipo can you get done at once?

Im scheduled for surgery on April 16th upper/lower abs inner/outer thighs and knees. I've been working out and dieting. Trying to lose a few lbs... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Smart Lipo, why are my abs getting bigger than before?

I'm a 30 y/o female (did upper and lower abs, front flanks, knees), 20 days post-op and the total fat (exclude fluids) taken out was like 1000cc, with... READ MORE

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