6 Months Post-op + Smart Lipo

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Is Burning Pain Normal After Smart Lipo?

I had traditional lipo 6 months before in abdominal area. I was told there would be a revision. Instead, I went to another doctor for smart lipo, but... READ MORE

Will scar tissue go away or is there a chance that It will be permanent?

I got smart lipo 5 weeks ago and am still experiencing a lot of pain and swelling. I know swelling and hardness is normal but the pain is too much. I... READ MORE

Smartlipo Ruined my Figure?

I would like some transparency on this issue that does not involve the typical response: Lipo is not an excuse to pig out and not exercise. I had... READ MORE

6 months post-op smart lipo w/ minimal results: ABS, Flanks, and back. 1.2L fat remove no weight gain. Will I have scar tissue?

48 hours after surgery I looked amazing, but started to swell over the next few wks. @my 6 mth the Dr. is very unhappy w results. He suggests a... READ MORE

I Had my Upper Abs Done with Smart Lipo, Will my Lower Abs Be Swollen Also?

I had smart lipo done six months ago on my upper and lower abs. I had a touch up on my lower abs three weeks ago. Would my lower abs be a bit swollen... READ MORE

Smart lipo revisions. Would I be expected to pay again?

My first smart lipo procedure on my thighs/banana roll a year ago Oct 2013. 6 months later It was uneven. my doctor said there was still fat on the... READ MORE

Can Smart Lipo Be a Cause of Umbilical Hernia?

I had smart lipo 6 months ago I never felt rite after that... I didn't gain weight and I even worked out in pool . Swimming everyday.. I noticed... READ MORE

Smart Lipo - does it take more than 6 months to see the final results?

I had a smart lipo on my lower stomach and waist that was 6 months ago, but i still have small lumpy area on my lower stomach, they are not as clear... READ MORE

It has been a little over 6 months since I had lipo and smartlipo done. I am not seeing great results, why is this?

I am a little disappointed by what I feel and see. It seems like I didn't have anything done. I sticking to my workout and healthy eating. I feel... READ MORE

No results after smart lipo. (photos)

It's been 6-7 months after my lipo and I see no results... At times I look worse than before the procedure. I had lipo of abdomen and flanks READ MORE

My results from lipo and Smart Lipo six months later - is this normal? (Photo)

I am not seeing any difference in my photo from December to now, I had the procedure in September. READ MORE

My doctor did liposuction on the wrong area? (Photo)

I had 2 sessions of smart lipo about 6 moth ago. The overall result is terrible. Besides unevenness I have deblating sharp pain at the site on... READ MORE

How long until I see final results!? (photos)

I had calf and ankle smart lipo over 6 months ago. There is an obvious difference as my legs are less 'beefy' however I've been left with a bulge on... READ MORE

Will this ever improve? 6 months post-op Smart Lipo. (photo)

Nearly 6 months after my smart lipo procedure where 1.5ml was taken from my lower legs. I've seen my before and after and yes my legs are smaller but... READ MORE

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