3 Days Post-op + Smart Lipo

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Swelling and Numbness After Chin and Neck Smart Lipo

I just had Smart Lipo done on my chin/neck area three days ago. I am still a bit swollen and numb. Is this normal? Can I get away without wearing the... READ MORE

How Swollen Am I Really After Smart Lipo?

I had my abs done on Thursday, three days ago, and feel extremely swollen. The only discoloration however, is in my pelvic area. My tummy is certainly... READ MORE

3 Days After Neck Smart Lipo, I Fell Asleep Without Compression Garment, Should I Worry?

I had neck smart lipo 3 days ago and last night I fell asleep without garment. I slept 9 hours. Will this affect the results? I am worried that my... READ MORE

Purple Lacey Marks 2 Years After Smart Lipo? (photo)

Please help, 2 years ago I had Smart Lipo. These purple marks appeared approximately 2 months after. Dr says he has never seen such a thing. Please Help! READ MORE

Could my compression garment leave permanent dent/lumps on skin? Should I get a different one? (Photo)

I had smartlipo done three days ago and the garment has the zipper on the left side. It's not straight and it lumps up a lot. When I looked at my skin... READ MORE

How long till I see results from smart lipo triplex??

I had smart lipo triplex 3 days ago today and haven't seen any results so far ? I'm hoping IT is just swelling, I am wearing my compression garment... READ MORE

Will This Scar Ever Go Away? (photo)

I recieved smart lipo 3 days ago and now am worried because i have a huge scar near my belly button which happend so be the area that was hurting... READ MORE

Smart Lipo 3days post op 1 incision still bleeding?

Im on day 3 now after smartlipo (tummy, flanks, hips). all incisions stopped oozing except for the one in my left hip which still can soak 2 pads a... READ MORE

When will the numbness in my skin subside and feel normal again after Smart Lipo?

I had smartlipo 3 days ago. I know the swelling is normal and will take time but how about the limp numbness of my skill. When will it feel normal again? READ MORE

What is going on? I don't see where they sucked out the fat! (Photo)

I just had smart lipo and laser lipo done it has been three days po, and I was wondering if I am suppose to look like nothing happened? READ MORE

How long roughly does it take to see results after smart lipo on the chin? (photo)

Did not have aspiration on the area as the surgeon didn't recommended it as the body will naturally get rid of it, just wanted to know roughly when I... READ MORE

Terrible itching after chin smart lipo. Why do I still have this itching sensation so badly?

I had my chin smartlipo three days ago. Since day 1, I have this terrible itchy sensation around my neck, my ears, not just the incision. So I removed... READ MORE

Is it normal to have drainage three days post-op?

I had smartlipo done on my upper and lower abdomen and flanks three days ago. All of my incisions have healed nicely except the one on my lower right... READ MORE

Just had neck/chin smartlipo 3 days ago. The area right under my chin feels numb...

Is it normal for the area under your chin to be numb 3-4 days after smarlipo of the neck/chin? I was trying to shave today and it was the strangest... READ MORE

I have had a Smart Lipo & the swelling and purple patches extended to areas other than the procedure areas. Is this normal?

On Wednesday (3 days ago), I had a smartlipo procedure on my upper arms, my tummy & the upper parts of my inner thighs . Today the swelling and purple... READ MORE

Could my spinal cord have been injured from having my flanks done by smart lipo procedure?

I am having a lot of discomfort in my lower spine, i had my flanks done by liposuction 3 days ago. this is a different pain than what was expeirenced... READ MORE

I had smartlipo done 3 days ago to my full abs, flanks, thighs and knees under general anesthesia. Why am I in severe pain?

I am on Vicodin 300mg, Ketorolac 10mg Methocarbamol 500mg, Arnica pills and Cipro 500mg and in severe pain. I can't stand up fully, I have to walk... READ MORE

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