2 Days Post-op + Smart Lipo

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How Long Will It Take for the Numbness to Go Away After Smart Lipo? Will I Be Permanently Numb?

I just want an answer to this question so I can know what to expect for my healing process. I am a great healer and did very well for this surgery.... READ MORE

Dizziness Normal After Taking Compression Garmet off Day 2 of Smart Lipo?

I had smart lipo Monday at 1pm on upper , lower abdomen and hips. I was advised to take a shower on day 2. When I took off my compression garmet from... READ MORE

Is It Normal For Skin To Be Lumpy and Uneven Two Days After Smart Lipo?

I had smartlipo laser done 2 days ago and my skin is not smooth and even. I'm very worry not even though the Doctor told me it takes about 6mos... READ MORE

How Much Walking is Recommended After Outer Thigh Smart Lipo?

I had smart lipo done on my outer thighs on Monday the 6th. I have some swelling and soreness but i am not in any major pain. I am wondering how much... READ MORE

No Bruising After SmartLipo, is This Normal?

I had SmartLipo on my lower legs (ankles/calves); I'm post surg day 2 and there is no bruising. After seeing pictures of other women who had the... READ MORE

Small Amount of Pus 2 Days Post Smartlipo Chin- Normal?

Hi there, I had smartlipo on my chin Thurs afternoon. I have experience very little pain and no bruising! :) I saw my doctor on Friday pm and she said... READ MORE

Smart Lipo: Is this swelling and am I draining properly?

While I absolutely love my results so far, I'm a concerned with my lower abdomen. I'm ~48 hours post-op and I tried a pair of jeans on today. They... READ MORE

What can I do to ensure best possible results of Smart Lipo on lower abdomen?

I got smart lipo done on my lower abdomen 2 days ago. been wearing compression garment 24/7. still have bruising but Im taking arnica tablets. I don't... READ MORE

Do I have a seroma?

Hi I had smart lipo on Wednesday. I can feel the fluid under my skin swishing around and moves in the direction of movement. If I lay on my back I can... READ MORE

Is it normal for abdomen to be numb and lumpy 2 days post op?

I had smart lipo 2 days ago and i cant help but look at my stomach and think maybe this was a mistake its bruised and very lumpy and still numb. READ MORE

Foam boards under compression garment?

I just had SmartLipo two days ago, upper and lower abs. I'm feeling great, and seem to be recovering as expected. However, I find the foam boards that... READ MORE

Lumps after smart lipo-abdomen. Will they improve as I heal?

I had smart lipo on my abdomen 2 days ago. Understanding it is VERY early in the process I am quite concerned about what I see. I was not large to... READ MORE

Just had smart lipo/laser on my neck 2 days ago. Now my smile is totally crooked and one side droops down? (photo)

Just had smart lipo/laser on my neck 2 days ago. The surgery went great and I feel great. Then now my smile is totally crooked and one side droops... READ MORE

I had SmartLipo on the upper/lower abdomen 2 days ago. I removed bandaging and showered on day 2. Is this okay?

Since my surgery was done in Canada, I am doing a 2 1/2 week post-op visit, so I'd prefer an answer now. I took bandages off, showered, and put... READ MORE

Swelling and bruising in area not treated. Is this normal?

I had smart lipo done 2 days ago. I had it done on my stomach, flanks and inner thighs. It's after hours and I can't reach my Dr. Today I noticed my... READ MORE

Smart Lipo full abdomen & love handles with mini TT, day 2 concerns.

Hello, I am 2 days post op on my mini TT with smartlipo , I took my garment off today for a quick shower, my whole stomach felt really numb and heavy,... READ MORE

Jaw pain from chin compression (Smart Lipo 2 days ago). Relief?

I just had Smartlipo under my chin and jowls 2 days ago. I am experiencing Extreme jaw pain when wearing the compression strap, I have tried loosening... READ MORE

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