1 Year Post-op + Smart Lipo

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Thigh Smart Lipo, 1+ Year Post Op and Have Bumps/Lumps/Bruising? (photo)

I had a thigh Smart Lipo in December 2011.It's been over a year and I still have bumps and lumps and bruises! The doctor said that it would get better... READ MORE

Smartlipo W/waterjet 1 Yr Ago and Have a 1" Lump Below my Bellybutton How to Get Rid of It

I got smartlipo w/waterjet 1 year ago and I have a 1" lump below my bellybutton under the skin that is numb and feels more dense, how can I get... READ MORE

Anesthesiologist Cost to Fix Neck After Smart Lipo? (photo)

I have my chin /neck jowls smrt lipo a year ago my result is not good, looks like my neck is half way done, i show my neck to couple of surgeons and i... READ MORE

Is Smart Lipo Touch Up More Painful?

I had smart lipo about a year ago and will be going in for a touch up. Is the touch up more painful? I've read some posts that say it is and some... READ MORE

Smartlipo- Laser Re-do Without the Lipo?

I had smartlipo with laser on and under my jawline over a year ago. I was developing jowls. The laser tightened one side nicely but the skin on the... READ MORE

Excessive Swelling of Feet, Ankles Legs/thighs

Had smart lipo done over 1 yr ago... Still have excessive swelling of feet, ankles and thighs to the point I can't bend down to squat (hard to get up... READ MORE

Can Smart Lipo Cause Gallbladder Polyp?

I had my smart lipo done a year ago and few days ago I had an abdominal ultrasound which I was told that I hv a gallbladder polyp (1cm)and my... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Nerve Pain Start 1 Year After Smart Lipo? Or is It Something Else?

I had Smart Lipo done over a year ago. Though i am not pleased with the results recovery was fine and i have not felt any pain since. Now i all of a... READ MORE

1yr post upper/lower abs. My upper abs are big and even a bit pointy. Will weight loss improve the appearance? (Photo)

My bmi was/is >30. My lower abs (below belly button), are loose skin; my upper abs/stomach pooches out, and down the center is firm. My belly button... READ MORE

I had Smart Lipo in March 2013 and I see no change. I have a large lump on my abdomen: could I still be healing after 16 months?

I had smartlipo done March 2013 well over a year ago, i see no change and have what feels like a large lump of tissue on one side of my abdomen could... READ MORE

Will there always be weight gain in new areas after smart lipo?

I had Smart Lipo done on my inner and outer thighs a year ago, and while they look great, a bunch of fat has accumulated at my abdomen, where I've... READ MORE

My upper arms after Vaser surgery are very lumpy and ugly. What is this and can it be fixed?

I received Vaser liposuction on my upper arms in January 2013. Initially I was thrilled with the size but I have a lot of lumps and bumps. I've tried... READ MORE

I paid for SmartLipo but dr preformed traditional lipo instead. Can anything be done? (photo)

I agreed and paid to have SmartLipo on my full abdomen 1 year ago. At my 1 year post-op visit, I found out the dr only did SmartLipo on my lower... READ MORE

Can smartlipo mistakes and imperfections be fixed naturally with exercise? (Photo)

I had smartlipo done a year ago because I was unable to go to the gym often and because I was lazy. I don't want to have surgery again. I have never... READ MORE

Touch up needed? (Photo)

I have had smart lipo about one year ago. By March of this year, I felt and looked great. But now, I feel like fat has accumulated again on my abdomen... READ MORE

Is it normal to have hardness and lumps after a year of having Smart Lipo? What can I do? (Photo)

I had smart lipo almost a year ago and the dr has told me through it to keep massaging and it will be fine. Just went in for a check up and the nurse... READ MORE

Why do I have stretch marks on my flanks after a year of smartlipo on that area?

I had smart lipo done a little less then a year ago on my abdomen and flanks ! I now noticed that stretch marks that I've had on my flank area are not... READ MORE

How to fix stomach after smartlipo? (Photos)

I had smartlipo done 13mo ago. I feel like my stomach looks distorted from the front and I'm not happy at all. I'm 31yr old and don't feel comfortable... READ MORE

I had a Smart Lipo procedure in September of 2012. I still am having some tingling sensations in my stomach area?

I had a Smart Lipo procedure in September of 2012 and about one year later I still am having some tingling sensations in my stomach area. It is weird,... READ MORE

Small scar revision after smart lipo. What are my best options for getting rid of the appearance of these scars?

I got smartlipo in FL on my abdomen a year ago. While Im mostly happy w/the results, the procedure left me w/a bigger scar than anticipated. A few... READ MORE

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