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Can I Preview Slim Lipo Results?

About 99% sure I'm going to get SlimLipo done to about 4 areas at once (Abs, flanks, thighs and buttocks). I am opting for general anesthesia... READ MORE

How Effective is Slim Lipo on Thighs and Flanks?

I'm scheduling Slim Lipo for inner and outer thighs, stomach, flanks. I'm 5'7" and 150 lbs. Will I see a difference? Many say they don't see a... READ MORE

I Am Having Liposuction Done to my Thighs, Going on Vacation 3 1/2 Weeks Later. Is That Too Soon?

I was hoping that by diet and exercise I would be ready for my vacation. My doctor tells me they can get me in March 8th for the procedure but I plan... READ MORE

SlimLipo of entire abs/inner/outer thighs/underarms. Is $14k a reasonable quote? Should I have IV sed, local or general? (Photo)

Dr. has > 30yrs experience, board certified and great reputation, he usually doesn't do procedure with just local and prefers general, should I be... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for liposuction? What results can I expect? (Photo)

I'm 21 years old, I do exercise, eat healthly, my height is 5ft 9in, weight 121lb but I'm not satisfied with my thighs and belly. I have small breasts... READ MORE

Vaginal Bleeding and Stomach Pain 3 Days Post Slimlipo?

I had slimlipo on my thights 3 days ago Yesterday and today i have been having strong stomach pain and light bleeding. This is my third slimlipo this... READ MORE

Is excessive swelling and hardness normal in the knee area after smart lipo?

I had smartlipo 6 weeks ago on the inner knees, outer thighs and abdomen. I wore the compression garnment as prescribed. My knees are very swollen and... READ MORE

Slim Lipo Performed on March 3rd, when will I see results?

36 y/o F, pre-op weight 153lbs. Slim lipo performed on U/L back, bra roll, flanks, U/L abs, I/O thighs, hips and knees on 3/3. Dr. treated... READ MORE

How long after Slim Lipo (LifeSculpt) procedure on abs, flanks, thighs can I be in a bikini?

I am going on vacation in 7.5 weeks & my 1st consult is late next week. I have read reviews that SlimLipo(LifeSculpt) is great bc down time after the... READ MORE

Slim Lipo vs Vaser Liposuction for Thighs and Lipoma?

I have lipoma bumps on my thighs and saddlebags. I've read that doing liposuction is the way to go to avoid scarring from lipoma extractions. I've... READ MORE

Slimlipo - how often?

Im getting slimlipo on my abdominal and flanks. I would also love to treat my tights. I know there is a certain amount of fat that can be removed... READ MORE

Pain After Slim Lipo: Could I Have Nerve Damage?

I had SlimLipo 3 months ago on my outer & inner thighs, banana and knees. since the day after the procedure I have had sever pain in the area... READ MORE

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