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Can I Preview Slim Lipo Results?

About 99% sure I'm going to get SlimLipo done to about 4 areas at once (Abs, flanks, thighs and buttocks). I am opting for general anesthesia... READ MORE

How Effective is Slim Lipo on Thighs and Flanks?

I'm scheduling Slim Lipo for inner and outer thighs, stomach, flanks. I'm 5'7" and 150 lbs. Will I see a difference? Many say they don't see a... READ MORE

Slim Lipo on Lower Abs and Flanks

I did slimlipo a week ago. I had to remove quite little but still I can see improvement, but not as much i expected. After a week I can see my love... READ MORE

What is the Typical Amount of Time to Wait Before Having a "Touch-up" for Smart Lipo?

I had SmartLipo performed on my abs and flanks about 3 weeks ago. And even though I am technically still in the healing process, I feel about 90%... READ MORE

Lymphatic Drainage Needed or Not After Slim Lip?

I had slim lipo 5 days ago on abdomen, flanks, full back. About 8 pnds . Went to lymphatic drainage massage next day , it was tolerable. 2 days later... READ MORE

Please tell me if something is wrong with my stomach. I have wrinkles and dents that won't seem to disappear. (photo)

Ive had breast lift and augmentation, slim lipo on my top and bottom of stomach, flanks, outer and inner thigh one month ago, April 7,2016. Please... READ MORE

Will Lipomas Affect a Slim Lipo Treatment?

I have a few lipomas on my adomen and back. Will that affect a slim lipo treatment for my abdomen and flanks? READ MORE

Would SlimLipo or CoolLipo Be Good for Me? (photo)

I had a full tt march 6th, but still have my flanks. I don't know whether it is loose skin or fat, but i heard that laser lipo can tighten up the... READ MORE

I am feeling hard lumps in my lower abdomen 5 days post Slim Lipo. What are they?

I can feel one big long lump and several other ones. It has been 5 days since I got slim lipo on my abdomen+flanks. I dont feel no pain at all. I am... READ MORE

Best method of non invasive liposuction for me?

Hello, I am a 21 year old female and I am considering SlimLipo for abdomen, inner and outer thighs, flanks and upper arms. I had mild skin laxity and... READ MORE

I had slim lipo on my flanks full abdomen and inner thighs 6 months ago. Is it normal to have this kind of scaring? (photo)

I've been using mederma advanced since the incisions closed and have gone through one tube of hydroquinone. Also massages with bio oil 3 times a day... READ MORE

If my Slim Lipo procedure wasn't done correctly, do I have to pay for any corrections?

I had slimlipo on 6-24-15. I had my Lowe and upper abs and flanks done. One flank is shaping well while the other is still the same size as before the... READ MORE

Slim Lipo Performed on March 3rd, when will I see results?

36 y/o F, pre-op weight 153lbs. Slim lipo performed on U/L back, bra roll, flanks, U/L abs, I/O thighs, hips and knees on 3/3. Dr. treated... READ MORE

How long after Slim Lipo (LifeSculpt) procedure on abs, flanks, thighs can I be in a bikini?

I am going on vacation in 7.5 weeks & my 1st consult is late next week. I have read reviews that SlimLipo(LifeSculpt) is great bc down time after the... READ MORE

If there's no change after Slim Lipo or no hardness in a treated area, will I have to pay for the correction?

I'm experiencing itching from my procedure. I had my upper and lower abs and flanks done by Dr. Marvel on 6-24-15. Like I said before, one side is... READ MORE

I am considering slim lipo I'm 5-4 149 lbs. i work out 6 times a week and eat right.

I heard some say it works other say it doesn't and the bruises last months. any feedback would help. Just trying to contour my body. my abs upper and... READ MORE

Slimlipo - how often?

Im getting slimlipo on my abdominal and flanks. I would also love to treat my tights. I know there is a certain amount of fat that can be removed... READ MORE

I had Slim Lipo 9 weeks ago. Is the current swelling caused by being a bad post op patient fixable?

I had slim lipo on my flanks 9 weeks ago, and I was a very bad patient in regards to following post op instructions on diet and garments. I have... READ MORE

What can be done to help tighten loose skin following Slim Lipo surgery?

I'm a 55 year old male, I had slimlipo on my flanks 14 weeks ago. I thought I still had some swelling, but my surgeon described it as loose skin that... READ MORE

Can a doctor perform different types of Liposuction (regular and laser) in one procedure for a Brazilian butt lift ? (photo)

I'm researching liposuction and fat transfer and seems like laser or / smart lipo / or slim lipo gives better contouring results to the abdomen and... READ MORE

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