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Slim Lipo Vs. Smart Lipo: Which is Best?

There is a lot of great information on this site about smart lipo (thank u!). what about another lipo laser treatment called "slim... READ MORE

Slim Lipo for C-section Pouch?

I had my baby about 14 months ago via c-section, and have lost all my pregnancy weight. I'm actually in great shape with about 20% body fat only, but... READ MORE

How Effective is Slim Lipo?

I am a heavier set woman and I am scheduled to get Slim Lipo in 2 weeks and I am afraid of paying so much money and not seeing a difference. What are... READ MORE

How Effective is Slim Lipo on Thighs and Flanks?

I'm scheduling Slim Lipo for inner and outer thighs, stomach, flanks. I'm 5'7" and 150 lbs. Will I see a difference? Many say they don't see a... READ MORE

What's Recovery Like for Slim Lipo on Upper Arms?

Curious about recovery from Slim Lipo on upper arms. I'm currently recovering from abs/love handles and it was quite a challenge to fully stand the... READ MORE

How Many Kilos of Fat Can Be Removed at a Time with Slim Lipo?

I am 85 kilos and I need to go down to 70. Can I eventually reduce my body weight to 70 with the Slim lipo and how many sessions and time will it take... READ MORE

Slim Lipo Vs. Lipotherme for Skin Tightening?

Which is better for skin tightening, Slim Lipo or Lipotherme? READ MORE

Will Slim Lipo Help with Excess Skin After Pregnancy?

Twins caused excess skin. Would Slimlipo be a good alternative to a tuck? READ MORE

Slim Lipo - Incisions and Results?

I really want sculpt my abdomen usually from the middle and a little on the sides.I want to know if my waist is more than 30 inches i wont see results... READ MORE

Seroma from Slim Lipo?

Is it possible to get seroma after having Slim Lipo done? READ MORE

General Anesthesia Necessary for Slim Lipo?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of general vs. local? I had a mini facelift, blepharoplasty, and lipo on ankles with local-no problem.My... READ MORE

Is Slim Lipo Safe After Full Tummy Tuck?

I am planning to get a mommy makeover that includes a full tummy tuck, breast lift with breast augmentation and liposuction of the upper abdomen. The... READ MORE

I Want SlimLipo Done but I'm Not Sure What a Good Competitive $ Rate Should Be for It?

I just went in for a free consultation and was quoted $3200 per area for SlimLipo in Plano TX. With lower and upper abs done, I'm looking at $6400... READ MORE

Will Heavier Women Get Good Results from Slimlipo?

I'm 5'0 and size 18. Many of the photo's I'm seeing are women who have a little fat to take out. Much of my fat is in the lower... READ MORE

Neck Tite Lipo Vs Slim Lipo for Contour of Double-Chin and Mild Neck Laxity?

I know Neck Tite Lipo (Body Tite) isn't approved by FDA in USA yet, but are any doctors participating in clinical trials, and if so, what have the... READ MORE

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