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Slim Lipo for C-section Pouch?

I had my baby about 14 months ago via c-section, and have lost all my pregnancy weight. I'm actually in great shape with about 20% body fat only, but... READ MORE

Unhappy with Results 4 Weeks After Slim Lipo

I've had done slimlipo in my upper and lower abs 4 weeks ago. Last week i was feeling really happy with the results so far..but i start to look... READ MORE

Will Slim Lipo Help with Excess Skin After Pregnancy?

Twins caused excess skin. Would Slimlipo be a good alternative to a tuck? READ MORE

Indentation on Stomach? (photo)

I did slimlipo twice lady year. Lower abdominal first then upper abdominal 6 month later. I have an indentation right at he middle of belly button... READ MORE

Is Slim Lipo Safe After Full Tummy Tuck?

I am planning to get a mommy makeover that includes a full tummy tuck, breast lift with breast augmentation and liposuction of the upper abdomen. The... READ MORE

I Want SlimLipo Done but I'm Not Sure What a Good Competitive $ Rate Should Be for It?

I just went in for a free consultation and was quoted $3200 per area for SlimLipo in Plano TX. With lower and upper abs done, I'm looking at $6400... READ MORE

Slim Lipo: Should I be Seeing Results 3 Days Post-Op?

I've had a slim lipo in my abs 3 days ago. I was really expecting to see some improvement as soon as i get off the surgery room, but, it was the... READ MORE

Will Heavier Women Get Good Results from Slimlipo?

I'm 5'0 and size 18. Many of the photo's I'm seeing are women who have a little fat to take out. Much of my fat is in the lower... READ MORE

When Will Slimlipo Discomfort End (I am 9 weeks P/O)?

I am 9 weeks post Palomar Slimlipo procedure on my abdomen and still experience constant, severe tenderness in the area treated. I developed an... READ MORE

Resuming Regular Exercise Routine After Abdominal Slim Lipo, when is It Safe?

I am 12 days post-op abdominal Slim Lipo, my PS removed 500 cc total. I usually exercise 6 days a week, whether running 4-5 miles or hot yoga with... READ MORE

Lymphatic Drainage Needed or Not After Slim Lip?

I had slim lipo 5 days ago on abdomen, flanks, full back. About 8 pnds . Went to lymphatic drainage massage next day , it was tolerable. 2 days later... READ MORE

Will Lipomas Affect a Slim Lipo Treatment?

I have a few lipomas on my adomen and back. Will that affect a slim lipo treatment for my abdomen and flanks? READ MORE

Do I Have Seroma That Needs to Be Drained or a Fluid Pocket That Will Go Away on Its Own?

I had Slim Lipo done on abdominal area to remove stubborn fat. I'm11days post-op. My PS removed 500 cc, spent <45 min. I was 125 lbs pre-op and... READ MORE


Will laprascopic sterlisation six weeks after the slimlipo-procedure on my stomach/abbs, have a negative influence on the results??? READ MORE

Is excessive swelling and hardness normal in the knee area after smart lipo?

I had smartlipo 6 weeks ago on the inner knees, outer thighs and abdomen. I wore the compression garnment as prescribed. My knees are very swollen and... READ MORE

Slim lipo recovery. Will I still be sore and bruised after 16 days?

I plan to have slim lipo procedure on my abdomen, bra- bulge and saddle bags. I am planning on a cruise 16 days later. Will I still be sore and... READ MORE

I had slim lipo on my flanks full abdomen and inner thighs 6 months ago. Is it normal to have this kind of scaring? (photo)

I've been using mederma advanced since the incisions closed and have gone through one tube of hydroquinone. Also massages with bio oil 3 times a day... READ MORE

Best method of non invasive liposuction for me?

Hello, I am a 21 year old female and I am considering SlimLipo for abdomen, inner and outer thighs, flanks and upper arms. I had mild skin laxity and... READ MORE

Slim Lipo Performed on March 3rd, when will I see results?

36 y/o F, pre-op weight 153lbs. Slim lipo performed on U/L back, bra roll, flanks, U/L abs, I/O thighs, hips and knees on 3/3. Dr. treated... READ MORE

6 days post op of Slim Lipo on abs. Have had hardness and pain for days. Is this ok?

I had slim lipo 6 almost 7 days ago. Since day 3, I have had hard areas in upper and lower abs. The dr said its fine but it hurts so bad. I can't... READ MORE

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