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Sleeve Gastrectomy or Gastric Bypass Surgery?

I need to choose between sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass surgery, what do the medical experts think is most effective between the two? I... READ MORE

I haven't lost weight since gastric sleeve despite following the plan. What can I do?

I had a gastric sleeve november 27. I have a bmi of 33 My surgery weight was 182 My current weight is 182 I dont understand this. I am exercising and... READ MORE

Gained all weight back after a gastric sleeve. What other surgery do I need to do to take off that weight?

What other surgery do i need to do to take off that weighthello, i am male i had the gastric sleeve about 18 month ago when i was 28 years and 6 2' i... READ MORE

I have developed GERD after getting the gastric sleeve. Should I get a bypass to resolve the GERD? (Photo)

I had a sleeve 12 months ago and have had serious GERD ever since. I take PPI once/twice a day to keep it under control. I have developed side effects... READ MORE

Gastric sleeve vs gastric sleeve plication or endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty

I have a lower BMI. I had talked with the doctor about gastric sleeve. The patient advisor also suggested looking at the gastric endoscopic... READ MORE

4 days post sleeve and I'm starving! What can I do?

I thought i was going to not be hungry. i wasn't that big to start 203 and have been getting in 50g of protein with a pre made shake and then... READ MORE

I am worried about hair loss after my surgery. What can I do to prevent it? (Photo)

Hello doctors, I have already had quit a bit of hair loss and I have not had my sleeve surgery yet and I am worried about hair loss after my surgery.... READ MORE

Is constant diarrhea normal after gastric sleeve surgery?

I'm almost 2 weeks postop and no matter what I eat whether it be broth or sometimes even water, I'm almost immediately in the bathroom with several... READ MORE

I'm really confused; still not eating much 3 months post op? Drinking hurts and so does food?

Ok so I did my surgery 27.5.16 I've lost almost 30 kilos which is amazing. The results are perfect! I'm at the RUT now where I haven't lost any weight... READ MORE

I had gastric sleeve on 1/10/14, and now I have abdominal collection of pus and severe vomiting. What should I do?


Will my body reject the staples that are placed to close off the stomach if I am allergic to metal?

I am allergic to metals. Copper and others. I had two of the same IUD's put in and my body rejected both of them. Also over the years as a teenager I... READ MORE

Foods to eat and liquids to drink? (Photo)

I was sleeved on june 24, 2015. I am having problems eating anything but soup. Even water hurts so much to swallow. I walk 18 miles a week and do some... READ MORE

Gastric Sleeve after lap band?

I have the lap band, it failed, was replaced, and now has no fill d/t complications. I want to get the band out. I have GERD and because of the damage... READ MORE

My BMI is 49.5 which surgery I can do? Gastric sleeve or bypass?

My BMI is 49.5 which surgery I can do? Gastric sleeve or bypass ? READ MORE

My mother in law has severe constipation. She had gastric sleeve 2 years ago and has been like this on and off since.

Bloating, constipated, sickness, tiredness, pain, She had had various tests and is taking 4 types of laxatives but nothing helps please advise why... READ MORE

Had sleeve done on 08/10/15 and I can't bear the pain. What else can I do?

My left side from breast to my waist has in pain since late Monday when bend it hurts inhaling deep hurts I had a port on my shoulder due my veins are... READ MORE

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