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How Much Does Stomach Stapling Cost?

How much does stomach stapling cost? Not gastric bypass, just stomach stapling. READ MORE

Do I qualify for VSG? (Photo)

I am 24 years old weighing 251 pounds and my BMI is 40.5! I take thyroid medicine and cholesterol medication. Both of my parents are diabetic. MY goal... READ MORE

I saved enough to have the sleeve done, but am concerned about the cost of potential complications.

My insurance has an exclusion that states it will not cover any complications associated with bariatrics. What is the cost of the most common... READ MORE

I had a gastric sleeve done on my stomach 10 days ago. I lost 10 lbs first 4 days. The last 6 days I haven't lost anything. Why?

Stomach sleeve done by Dd Wizman in Florida paid 10,600 cash. Overweight 90 pounds. The first 3-4 days after the scale showed me down 10 lbs., for the... READ MORE

Can I use HSA for for a much needed Sleeve weight loss surgery?

My insurance does not cover weight loss surgery but I have put lots of money away in my health savings account. Am I allowed to use that money to pay... READ MORE

Why does it cost anything for the gastric sleeve when you're saving lives? (Photo)

I've been trying to get the gastric sleeve this is my second time around. the first place wanted 700 up front this place 180 for a dietitian. and 175... READ MORE

I am 37 year old female, 279 lbs, 5'11. I have high cholesterol and suffer from chronic sleep apnea. How much does it cost?

I will be paying for the surgery myself. How much does it cost in Virginia and do I qualify for the surgery. READ MORE

How much is a sleeve gastrectomy near Augusta, GA for a self pay patient?

My insurance is BCBS FEP. I was told by one doctor office it would not be covered because my BMI has not been high enough for the past 2 years. If I... READ MORE

I have a BMI of 33.5. I would like to have the gastric sleeve. Is it possible? What's the costs?

I also have arthritis, high cholesterol, chronic back and knee pain and a pacemaker for sick sunus syndrome. I do not have a defibrillator. I had it... READ MORE

Looking for a surgeon in Mexico for VSG?

I can't get approved in the states because of my insurance so I'm looking for a surgeon in Mexico. My BMI is 36.4 and I am very healthy (with the... READ MORE

About cash payment for sleeve gastrectomy

I live in new york. The type of medicaid i have does not cover any kind of weight loss surgery. Near new york the total sleeve gastric will cost... READ MORE

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. Am I a candidate for this surgery?

I am 30yrs female, mastectomy to expanders to implant surgery 2 years ago, and overweight. 5'6, 245lbs. I have been overweight since under 10ys, have... READ MORE

Conversion from gastric sleeve to bypass??? Is this possible? What are the costs?

I gained a lot of weigth after 3 years of my sleeve i want to know if i can converted into bypass? And what is the price aprox in florida Fort... READ MORE

I was wondering if a gastric sleeve would help. Do you offer financing. Does any insurance cover any of the procedures?

I need to lose 50 lbs. I just cant lose the weight. I have had many surgeries and medications. I can not lose the weight. I need something... READ MORE

I want to do the gastric sleeve and want to know how much will it be? (Photos)

I want to do the gastric sleeve and what to know how much will it be READ MORE

I want to get a gastric sleeve but I only qualify for the over 30 BMI so I want to pay myself, how much is average cost?

I want to get a gastric sleeve but I only qualify for the over 30 bmi so I want to pay myself, how much is average cost? READ MORE

Would I qualify for a gastric bypass sleeve, and how much would the surgery be?

How much would it be to do an gastric bypass sleeve and do you perform the surgery and I would like to know how much it will be to get the surgery... READ MORE

Diet/ lifestyle changes after sleeve?

Hi. I am 5'5 and weight 170. I had a hysterectomy in February and my weight continues to rise. I have developed severe anxiety and gastric esophageal... READ MORE

Living in Toronto and have struggles with my weight all of my life. How much will it cost for the sleeve gastrectomy?

Was diagnosed with PCOS by 14 and now at 45 I'm really struggling with weight gain. I suffer from Chronic Migraines and Fibromyalgia. I am considering... READ MORE

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