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What is Your Opinion of the Sleeve?

There are some new surgeries on the stomach for weight loss like the sleeve and there is another that is noninvasive and folds the stomach in half.... READ MORE

Gastric Wrap (Plication ). How do you rate the wrap to the sleeve?

How do you rate the wrap to the sleeve. I am booked to have the wrap in six weeks. I have a BMI of 37. I have been told this would be the best... READ MORE

Would a gastric sleeve be that much more beneficial than a band?

33 y/o woman, 215 pounds, 5'4" tall, no co-mordities. I have met with a surgeon and am in the process of completing the steps his office requires:... READ MORE

My BMI is 49.5 which surgery I can do? Gastric sleeve or bypass?

My BMI is 49.5 which surgery I can do? Gastric sleeve or bypass ? READ MORE

Vertical Sleeve Gasyrectomy vs Laproscopic Gastric Plication?

Hello, I'm new here and considering wls. Particularly, vsg or lpg. Vsg is a perm option. My two concern are: 1. Getting my full nutrients... Aside... READ MORE

Large volume lipo or Sleeve? (Photo)

Hello, im debating between the sleeve and large volume lipo. The truth is even though I'm 303lbs my weight isn't my main problem, my mobility is. I am... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; GBP vs sleeve when I have a high BMI?

My BMI is 45 and I have high bloodpressure and high cholesterol. The doctor here in Norway ment the GBP was best for me but i'm afraid of the dumping... READ MORE

Which procedure is best for me gastric bypass or sleeve???? (photos)

I am 5'4" 230 lbs 45 year old woman. hypertension, yes and gerd. i do workout and i am eating a high protein diet with lots of water. READ MORE

I'm a 40 years old, 340 lbs, 5'9" man. BMI of 50. I want to have either the sleeve or the band - which is better for me? (Photo)

I have a fat apron that goes down almost to the pubic region and the fat almost surround the penis wich make peeing hard. is there is a surgery that... READ MORE

Type 1 diabetic- would the sleeve or bypass be my best option?

My BMI is 33. Ive been subclinical hypothyroidism for 6 years and can only lose a bit of weight from ketosis diet which I regain steadily once I eat... READ MORE

Gastric band versus sleeve?

I am trying to decide which procedure to have and struggling to decide. I am 55 with a bmi of 41. READ MORE

Can I get the sleeve surgery thing, or should I consider a Brazilian butt lift instead?

I am 5 ft 6 and 1/2 inches, and weigh about 190-200 pounds. Would I be a canadiate for the sleeve surgery thing? Is 19 too young? Then again I have... READ MORE

Is the sleeve better for me?

I'm 324lbs and i am borderline t2 diabetic, i have back issues due to a fall injury so it's hard for me to do extensive workouts. I have other health... READ MORE

Which is better for weight loss? Gastric sleeve or liposuction?

Hello All, I am a 33 year old single woman who has been battling with my weight for years. I am currently 225 lbs (I am 5'4) and the heaviest I have... READ MORE

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