Love the Look, Hated the Restylane Injection

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I am a wimp. I am not sure why i thought that...

I am a wimp. I am not sure why i thought that getting an injection was not going to hurt. It did. I guess it is not real different than when you get a vaccine and they are pumping stuff into your body.

I was kind of expecting the prick of the needle, but then thought that it would be over. I found it uncomfortable.

Would I do it again? Yes, I would. The next time, I will be prepared for it. I think I will ask for a little lidocaine spray or something to numb my skin.

I love the results. My skin looked great, actually seemed to look better overall. Not just the laugh lines that were filled. It surprised me, how much better I look without the shadows next to my nose that run down to my mouth.

Good product, wish it lasted longer.

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