Blue Obagi Hurts Too Much for the Benefit You Get

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I asked a plastic surgeon what is the least...

I asked a plastic surgeon what is the least invasive procedure for wrinkles and fine lines on my face. He told me Obagi and little bit about the thread lift (no freaking way am I going to have strings in my head!). My dermatologist doesn't provide them becs they're too painful...and they are. My plastic surgeon started me out with Retin-A for about a month prior to the actual chemcial peel. Then you also use the whole line of obagi products. If I remember right, it was toner, night cream, and day cream. That explains why it was more than $500. After this pre-work, I went in for my obagi peel. It's recommended valium in advance, but I didn't. I sat in a chair and they started out with a microdermabrasion to prepare my facial skin. This didn't hurt at all. Then they spread a gel like substance on my entire face. As soon as it was applied it burned like crazy. I just held onto the chair arm for 10 hurt a lot. Finally they wiped it off which stopped the pain. The good news (vs. my laser resurfacing) was that once it was over, it was over. No continual pain. But I was really red for about a week. I wouldn't do it again because it wasn't effective enough for the cost and the pain.
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