Laser Skin Resurfacing Hurts Like Hell

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My first bit of advice is go out and buy lots...

My first bit of advice is go out and buy lots green tinted makeup, it covers the red you'll laser skin resurfacing. I grew in Florida and had lots of sun damage, so much so that my insurance company paid for the laser treatment. The treatment began with novacaine injected into my face. Then the doctor put metal contacts in my eyes to protect them from the lasers. I'm pretty sure I also took valium beforehand. For about an hour the doctor worked on my face. When it was over I was freaked out. I was really red, the top layer of my face was gone! when the pain meds started wearing off, that's when the pain started. Felt like a major sunburn that lasted a week. I went in for 1 checkup to make sure there wasn't an infection and gradually (5 weeks) the redness went away. The sun spots and fine lines were gone around my lips and eyes. pain, no gain. It worked, but it really hurts. It was major and gave a visible difference which is really to achieve without having surgery.
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