After 6 Treatments It Was a Bust

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With new technology like thermage I wouldn't...

With new technology like thermage I wouldn't be surprised if I'm the last one to ever purchase IPL treatments. After looking over incredible b4's and after shots, I was convinced to purchase a series of IPL sessions for $2K (which is a ton of money for me).

I got IPL for fine lines and Rosacea-like condition on my cheeks. Each session hurt A LOT. Nothing close to their warning of feeling like mild snapping of rubberbands against my cheek. Afterwards I would have to hide, I always looked very red and sometimes I would get scabs. Once I healed my skin looked revitalized from the light facial lines but after 3-4 weeks my ruddy complexion returned.

My derm kept telling me that it required more sessions, so I listened, took the pain, and hoped for the promised results. they never came.

Lately I'm considering laser resurfacing with Fraxel, but i'm scared of the pain and expense for unknown results. Before getting IPL be sure to talk to lots of people who've done it before. I might be an odd case!

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