MicroPeel for my Sun Damage

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I recently finished my series (3) of biomedic...

I recently finished my series (3) of biomedic micropeels. It's a glycolic acid peel (I believe it was 20 percent concentration). The entire process took 3 months, and I'm happy so far with the results. The reason I had the peel was to remove heavy damaged skin on my cheeks, forehead, and my neck. Too much baking in the sun when I was a teen and in my 20s. My skin tone was really uneven. The doctor called my skin condition "environmentally damaged". That made me feel better. Not my fault, right! Laughing Before I got the peels my doctor had me use creams with retinoid and mild acids to prepare my skin. Each peel session took about 20 minutes. The appointments would start with an enzyme cream rubbed into my face skin. The cream was left on my face; they don't remove it because it gets absorbed and the enzymes eventually stop exfoliating the skin layer. Then they applied an alpha hydroxy acid solution to my face. I think it was 15%, which is pretty mild, but all my skin needed. My dermatologist mentioned it could STING. Oh boy did it! SurprisedI have sensitive skin as it is, so it really burned. The last step was a CO2 skin freeze which they do to smooth your skin texture. This didn't hurt bit, thank goodness! For 5 days after the peel I had peeling and redness. Pretty much have to avoid the sun and I wasn't too confident in having people see me like this. Probably my only complaint was that ahead of time I read about Micropeel and they claim it's an instant recovery, no downtime product. I wasn't prepared for this post treatment peeling. Now my face skin texture is smoother and great for applying makeup, which I don't use as much now. The sun damaged areas are really improved. I'm doing much better at wearing sunscreens and big rimmed hats to avoid sun exposure. Not easy in the Summer! My only regret is that I said no to the power peel version. This is where they use a dermabrasion process to remove even more of the damaged skin. My friend is doing this instead of laser resurfacing. I think this would have given me longer-lasting results.
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