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Is there a non-surgical way to tighten a turkey neck?

I am 63 and lost some weight. My neck has a lot floppy skin. I would like a fix for it without invasive surgery. Is that possible? READ MORE

What is the best way to improve a turkey neck if you are not a candidate for surgery?

I am 44 years old and I have a slight "turkey neck." I have tried Thermage (twice) with modest improvement but did not get a full correction. I have... READ MORE

What are my treatment options to get rid of my hideous "Turkey neck"? (photos)

I have unfortunately inherited my mothers turkey neck and it has been noticeable since my 20's giving me an unattractive side profile for many years.... READ MORE

What Surgery Can Be Done for Sagging Neck Skin Only?

I had a mini facelift last year, but i still have really bad creepy sagging skin on my lower neck, the muscles underneath are quite tight and fine, it... READ MORE

Any recommendations other than surgery for a slight turkey neck developing? (photos)

I am 42 years old and am developing a slight turkey neck. It is not very noticeable at most angles but I see it slowly getting worse and it's... READ MORE

If you only had $2500 to spend...would you invest in SmartLipo OR Ultherapy for skin tightening?

I would like to ask: If you only had $2500 to spend...would you invest in SmartLipo OR Ultherapy for skin tightening of moderate loose skin (turkey... READ MORE

Is it possible to stretch the skin under your neck "turkey neck"?

Me and my friend were messing around he pulled the skin under my neck which is known as "turkey neck". I'm a very paranoid person and I don't have a... READ MORE

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