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Non Surgical Skin Tightening for the Tummy?

I am a mother of 4 children. I had my first child at the age of 16. I was told that because of my young age my skin stretched a lot, hence all the... READ MORE

What's the Best Treatment for Loose Skin After a C-section?

I have had 3 c sections and  i have a lot of loose skin in my tummy what could work 4 me? READ MORE

Is Titan Laser Helpful on Loose Abdomen Skin?

I had a baby 5 months ago and have been exercising and eating well. I lost the 33 lbs of baby weight in 3 months and am back to 120 lbs and I am 5'1.... READ MORE

Non-surgical Options for Darkened Loose Skin and Stretch Marks?

I had a baby at 17 through c-section and I'm African American. Now I'm 21 and my stomach is darker than my whole body, and I still have bad stretch... READ MORE

Procedure for Hanging Skin and Hanging Breasts After Pregnancy?

I have had 2 children. I have lost the baby weight and look good standing. When bending foward, the skin is loose and my breasts hang. How do I fix this? READ MORE

39 YO & 4 Months Post Pregnancy: How do I Differentiate Between Fat And/or Loose Skin on Tummy?

I gained 65 lbs. with my 1st son 2 yr.9 mos. ago (C section) & lost it in 3 mos. w/out exercise and had a small amount of loose skin (I think) on... READ MORE

What can be done to the stomach like that? (Photo)

I am generally rather fit, but after two kids and 49 years my stomach looks like on the picture. What would be the best procedure to make it look... READ MORE

I don't think a tummy tuck is for me. Is there a skin removal surgery that would help? (Photo)

After having a baby(she is now 5)my stomach is doomed with saggy skin, I work out 5 days a week have repaired the muscles in my stomach. But no cream... READ MORE

Should I tighten my skin using laser during weight loss or after?

Hi i had my baby a year ago and i started losing weight. i have lost 20lbs and have 40 more to lose and noticed my stomach skin getting lose and saggy... READ MORE

Is there a non surgical tightening option for the small pocket of loose skin on my lower abs and faint stretch marks? (Photo)

I gave birth to large twins 8 months ago and although I am back to my pre pregnancy 125lbs and have decent muscle tone again, the little pooch on my... READ MORE

I'm just wondering if there is any skin tightening treatment for my stretch marked, loose skin from 2 pregnancies? (Photo)

My children are 8 and 6 so it's not going to change..... I don't feel as though my muscles are damaged at all. In the picture where I am standing up... READ MORE

Would laser skin tightening give me good results, or should I get a mini tummy tuck? (Photo)

I don't want any fat removal, or muscle tightening, just tightening of that sagging skin. I am 45 years old, and had 2 huge babies! Thus the extra skin ;) READ MORE

Are there any stomach procedures that are beneficial that do not require surgery? (Photo)

I have had two babies and have some extra skin above my belly button. Are there any procedures that are beneficial that do not require surgery? READ MORE

What is my best option to help with minimal excess skin? (Photos)

I am looking to find my best option to help with excess loose skin after having two children pretty close together. It's very minimal and mostly an... READ MORE

skin tightening to get rid of stretch marks

2 years ago I had twin girls and before I got pregnant I was 5'6 weighing 125 pounds. Now that I had them I still weigh the same however I have a... READ MORE

20 yrs old; was in great shape pre-pregnancy. I gained 65lbs and saggy skin. Can I get rid of the saggy skin naturally? (Photo)

I'm young. I'm physically very active, but wasn't while pregnant. My average weight pre-pregnancy was 125. I weigh 134 now. It's been 14 mo since I... READ MORE

What can help the wrinkles on top of my belly button? (Photo)

3 months after having my baby What can work to remove all wrinkles READ MORE

How soon after a c section can I begin Ultrasound Cavitation on my Tummy?

I am 5 weeks Post Partum after giving birth via C Section. Once I am cleared to work out around 6-8 weeks is it also safe to being skin tightening spa... READ MORE

Best treatment for loose skin and stretch marks from pregnancy? (photos)

I have some loose skin around my belly button and abdomen and stretch marks from my pregnancies. What would be the least invasive but effective ways... READ MORE

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