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Age 30. Sagging Cheeks Causing Prominent Nasolabial Creases and Jowls. Not Interested in Fillers?

Want a more permanent solution to lift up cheeks to get rid of saggy cheek creases and jowls and I always look sad from the sagginess. READ MORE

27, saggy face skin. Help. What can I do? (Photo)

Hello. Why is my face so saggy? I had bad acne when I was younger.A few scars still show but nothing comparing to before, but I really wish they could... READ MORE

How can I treat the lines around my mouth and sagging cheeks as permanently as possible? (photo)

24yo f. In the last 3 years I have noticed a DRAMATIC loss of volume in my cheeks. Baby fat is all gone leaving my face sagging with dark... READ MORE

What would my cheapest permanent options be for a face lift and glebaria area?

My main concern is the area that looks like I'm mad all the time I know botox helps but I would like something more perminit so I don't have to go... READ MORE

Skin has been stretched in the face due to swelling, can it tighten back up on its own?

I had a lot of facial swelling due to hypertrophy, spasming, & inflammation of the jaw muscles from TMJ. My face looked like I had gained 40 pounds,... READ MORE

Are the body contouring results of Body FX permanent? (Photo)

I'm considering this procedure for a minor case of loose skin post-pregnancy. I understand the Body FX is a temporary fix for cellulite, but cellulite... READ MORE

What treatments for nasolabial folds and jowls on 18 year old? (photo)

I have sagging face and jowls. Im looking for a treatment that could be permanent possibly. I have smoked when i was 13- 16 (regularly and... READ MORE

Is there any procedure to tighten skin on abdomen other than tummy tuck?

I have had lipo and am left with loose skin on abdomen. not horribly bad but it bothers me. I don't mind spending 2500 dollars on a procedure like... READ MORE

Severe nasolabial folds and sagging cheeks. What are my best options to get rid of them? (photos)

I have sagging cheeks and nasoliabial folds science young age. I'm 49, and my face and neck are sagging, and nasoliabual folds getting really large.... READ MORE

Treatment for loose under chin/neck skin? Permanent preferred. (Photos)

I had my chin done with LiPo around my jaw in 2004 after an accident I was in. I'm a lean female of 40+ and just started noticing 2 loose skin folds... READ MORE

RF Skin Tightening for the stomach area is permament if you eat correctly?

Is RF Skin Tightening for the stomach area is permament if you eat correctly? If not how long it lasts? Can RF Cause cancer due to high energy... READ MORE

More tone to my face permanently? (photo)

Is there anyway to get more tone to my skin I'm also very dry skinned person and really dark is there anyway to brighten my skin and more tone and... READ MORE

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