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How Can I Tighten Sagging Skin Without Surgery?

My jowls are dropping along with my other facial features.  Can you suggest some skin tightening procedures that don't require going under the knife? READ MORE

Non-surgical Procedures to Fix Sagging Jaw Line?

I'm 52 years old. My skin's started to look saggy, specially around my chin and jaw line. Is there any non-surgical treatments to tighten my skin? How... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Firm Up my Jaw Line Without a Face Lift?

I had a face lift 10 years ago and I like the way I look except for my jaw line. It needs to be firmed up but I don't want to have another... READ MORE

Alternative Options or Exercises for Sagging Jaw Line?

I noticed I have a sagging jaw line since weight gain and loss. Is surgery the only option or are there alternative treatments or exercises to make it... READ MORE

Procedure for Minor Facial Sagging?

I am a 48-year-old Caucasian woman. I lost about 25 pounds last year, and since then, I have noticed a little sagging around my nose and mouth. It... READ MORE

Tighten Jaw Line Without General Anesthesia?

Is it possible to get a sharper/tighter jawline without the the need for general anesthesia? Can it be done using only a local anesthetic? READ MORE

How Can Get Rid of Jowls Before Wedding in July. I'm 34 and They Are Just Starting?

I'm 34 and getting married in July. I have noticed a softening of my jaw line on either side of my chin. My mouth corners are also slightly down... READ MORE

Facial Band Exercises for Skin Tightening?

Do tightening exercises using a band in your mouth or stretching your face last to tighten jaw line and facial lines? READ MORE

Refit by Viora for Jawline and Jowls?

I am a 45 yo male in good physical shape. I have had both botox and sculptra thus far. I initially went back to my Dr. to ask about Ultherapy for the... READ MORE

Best non surgical treatment for lifting and tightening jowls and jawline? (Photo)

I just turned 41 and average weight and have fairly good skin - so far no wrinkles, however, I do notice slight jowls forming and fuller lower cheek... READ MORE

Can ThermiRF 250 treatments tighten & contour my jawline, or reduce fat in areas of my face, giving an older appearance? (Photo)

Is there enough of a tightening benefit that this process would create a need for less filler after? Or will replacement fillers be needed to reshape... READ MORE

What facial surgery is appropriate for jowling if I have lost elasticity to my lower face?

What surgical procedure can I have to treat jowling and a double chin. I have lost the definition of my jawline and have developed marionette lines. I... READ MORE

Female, 26. Is my jawline sagging and am I getting jowls? Or is my jawline normal for someone my age? (photo)

At 26, I really didn't think I'd have issues with jowls or sagging yet...I take great care of my skin, and I specifically avoid high impact exercise... READ MORE

How to Improve Jaw Line Without Surgery?

I'm 46. Can anything be done for improving my jaw line that does not involve surgery? The issue is more obvious from the side than facing full... READ MORE

Non-invasive Skin Tightening Option for Jaw Line?

I want to tighten my jawline in the most noninvasive least expensive way. What are my options? READ MORE

My Main Concern in my Late 40's is Tightening my Jawline Significantly. What's the Newest Laser? (photo)

My Main Concern in my Late 40's is Tightening my Jawline Significantly. What's the Newest Laser? READ MORE

Sublime laser, now fallen neck skin

Had Sublime done Wed. First time. On cheeks down to jaw line. Saw results of puffy skin on areas treated. Sundaymorning noticed under chin near neck... READ MORE

What is ETwo by Syneron?Something Very New?

I Have Advised This Treatment for Skin Tightening Amd Jawls. READ MORE

I have loose facial skin causing marionette lines, and a droopy jawline. What's my best option?

Hello Iam 22 years old and i have a problem i have blown up to many balloons,and now my skin is verry saggy causing marionette lines and pulling my... READ MORE

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