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What would you recommend for mid to lower face laxity, jowls and upper neck; surgical or filler solution? (photos)

Skin tightening products had kept the start of jowls at bay, but now my lower face is beginning to sag and jowls are forming, as well as the start of... READ MORE

Will RF treatment tighten my skin or dissolve fat or filler?

Almost all RF treatment will cause heat under the skin. They claim it can tighten skin by the heat. But I worry about if it will dissolve the fat in... READ MORE

What is the best option for mid 20's to improve face structure , fillers to add volume or procedures to tighten the skin?(photo)

I'm 26 years old and I feel like my skin is sagging or I lost volume and collagen. I feel like I'm too young to start using filters, what are my other... READ MORE

I want tighter skin and more cheek volume. What's the best way to achieve this? I'm 28 years old. (Photo)

Would skin tightening procedures only be suitable to older candidates? And is it possible to have a strong reaction to cheek fillers? Thanks READ MORE

Looking for something to diminish naso-labial fold lines besides fillers and surgery. (photo)

Hello all! I have a long thin oval shaped face. Since giving birth to my kids (and gaining and losing 50 lbs with each pregnancy) I have lost a lot of... READ MORE

What can I do about sagging around my mouth and chin? (Photo)

I'm young but it drives me crazy and fillers have only made it worse!! Please help!! READ MORE

What can I do to tighten the skin around my eye? (Photo)

I have fillers done in april because of the major bags. Now the skin around my eyes have major wrinkles is there any thing i can do to fix this READ MORE

Will radio-frequency and cavitation treatments affect fillers?

I asked several doctors in person and I always get different answers, so I am really confused. Thank you! READ MORE

How can I treat the lines around my mouth and sagging cheeks as permanently as possible? (photo)

24yo f. In the last 3 years I have noticed a DRAMATIC loss of volume in my cheeks. Baby fat is all gone leaving my face sagging with dark... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Sagging Around Mouth Corners? Non-Surgical Options? (photo)

Please kindly advise me what to do ... I am 35 ... Firstly, do you think that this sagging skin around my mouth and deep nasolobial folds are normal... READ MORE

Best Treatment to Correct Facial Asymmetry?

I have had a very negative experience over the past year due to over-injection of botox in my masseters (for TMJ). It caused horrible jowling, more on... READ MORE

I have sun damage and loose skin under eyes. What is the best treatment for this? (photos)

I have been to a few different places now and keep getting told different thing, I got told I had sun damage and that I would need skin peels and... READ MORE

Saggy face at 30. What would be the best option for me? (Photo)

I have recently noticed that my face became really saggy.I'm already planning to have blepharoplasty but not sure what would be the best procedure to... READ MORE

Recommendation for neck cream for slight jawline tightening maintenance and neck firming at 35?

Hi! not quite ready for a face lift yet, been using fillers and botox for a few years, am now 35. looking for a cream that will ,maintain/firm up... READ MORE

Skin tightening or filler? (Photo)

I've always been fit, but since I've had my son and stress I've noticed smile lines/laxity in my jaw/lower face. I've had 3 vials of voluma over the... READ MORE

Young, male, and thin with recent weight loss has left me with loose thin skin on jawline and neck. Solutions?

I'm 25, young, male, with a soft and elastic face and a sharp jawline. I wear sunscreen SPF 50 mineral base everyday, retin a, vitamin c serum, and... READ MORE

Improvement to premature sagging face? Jowls, heavy asymmetrical brows, deep frown lines. (photos)

I posted here recently and consensus of opinion is that some kind of minimal surgical lift would be required to improve my jowl area. I have since... READ MORE

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