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Will Exercise Take Care of Extra Skin Caused by 3 Pregnancies?

I had 3 full term pregnancies, my tummy was flat before them. Now I'm left with thin body but a big squishy belly. I have lost all of the pregnancy... READ MORE

CACI vs Radio Frequency for face?

I am 62 and just had Radio Frequency done on my face and I am thrilled with the results! I want to go back to have my neck done, but my friend said... READ MORE

For Fatty/Soggy Face - FaceTite, or Ultherapy + Lipodissolve?

I have a small thin face (I'm not overweight) but it's quite fatty and droopy ("pudding face"). I'm 40 and everyone in my family... READ MORE

Options for Waistline Tightening and Contouring?

Help! I am approaching 50 and have lost my waist. I have always had a pretty flat stomach, now I have this waist roll and tummy pooch along with... READ MORE

Can Facial Fat recover overtime? Can it recover after being melted by Radio Fractional energy?? (photos)

I got a skin tightening at home machine that melted my face. It's been 25 days and I don't see any improvement after using the best corrective and... READ MORE

Will RF treatment tighten my skin or dissolve fat or filler?

Almost all RF treatment will cause heat under the skin. They claim it can tighten skin by the heat. But I worry about if it will dissolve the fat in... READ MORE

Is it extra fat or loose skin on my face? How to identify? How to cure it? 19, male. I don't want any surgical method. (Photo)

I had rapid wieght loss of 4-5 kg in 30 days in dec,2014.and after that i stopped all cardiac exercise and also stopped crash diet .and then after... READ MORE

Can Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Lasers Melt the Fat in Your Face?

Can lasers with RF actually sometimes "melt" the existing fat in your face? I would hate to look older after such a procedure because I had... READ MORE

How do I know if I have loose skin or if it's fat? I was told this is loose skin. Would non surgical procedures tighten? (Photo)

I went to a plastic surgeon and he told me I had loose skin but will not perform a tummy tuck because I've never had kids. I've only lost 10lbs in the... READ MORE

Is it loose skin or fat? (photos)

My age is 22/M height is 180.3 cm i was overweight at 231 pounds..recently i lost 60 pounds in 7 months..i still have 8 to 10 pounds to lose..i... READ MORE

Is this fat or excess skin? (Photo)

I'm 5'11 pretty skinny with a bit of puppy fat on my face. Well is it fat or just real stretchy excess skin? READ MORE

How much time after weight loss, should I consider surgery to correct stubborn fat and loose skin?

I lost 78 #s. I have a small amount of loose skin on my neck and arms. I can feel fat though. It's not all loose skin. If I continue to lose body fat,... READ MORE

What options are available to get rid of some extra skin but also excess fat on thighs and how much is the cost range?

In early may I had a breast lift with implant exchange, full tummy tuck and muscle plication, lipo to hip rolls. I am a mother of 2 under 3 and 13 mos... READ MORE

How is excess skin under the chin removed?

If the excess skin/fat is in a 'roll' horizontally under the chin, how is the excess skin removed? I understand that the submental incision cannot... READ MORE

Does loose skin amplify your fat? In other words, does loose skin make you look fatter than you actually are in the midsection?

Hi so I've been measured by multiple personal trainers and they say my body fat percentage is around 13%. Over the past 2 and a half years I've lose... READ MORE

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