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Best Laser Tightening for the Skin Around the Eyes?

I am 31 years old and am starting to show some very minor hooding/excess skin on my upper eyelids (and a bit of excess skin on the lowers).I don't... READ MORE

Best Procedures for Sagging Brow Area and Jowls?

My eyes look tired all the time now because of the sagging brows and I'm starting to develop jowls. My mouth seems to turn a little downward now as... READ MORE

Trying to decide between Thermage, Ultherapy or Thermi RF Tight for overall rejuvenation and skin tightening.

In my late 40s, I am experiencing the usual problems with aging skin, sagging around eyes and mouth, fine lines and large pores, neck and jawline in... READ MORE

Most Effective Treatment for Tightening Neck and Eye Area?

I had a traditional facelift and lower eyelid surgery 6 years ago. Since then I tried Thermage with minor improvements. Two years ago, I tried... READ MORE

What Tx Recommended for Eyes with Puffy Bags & Wrinkles? Will Tattoo Eyeliner Be Cut Off? (photo)

What tx recommended for eyes with folds, puffy bags underneath Will surgery cut off the permanent eyeliner above and below? What can I do about upper... READ MORE

What will produce the most natural look for facial filling and skin tightening?

I'm 47 and lean. I had Sculptra in my face 10 years ago and it looked great. I had Voluma in March, but it doesn't look nearly as good. From what I've... READ MORE

What can I do to tighten the skin around my eye? (Photo)

I have fillers done in april because of the major bags. Now the skin around my eyes have major wrinkles is there any thing i can do to fix this READ MORE

Under eye skin, and skin between the eyes is saggy scaly and has wrinkles. What can I do? (Photo)

This is hard to explain but when I'm in certain lighting that hits half my face it looks like my skin looks wavy about right down the middle of my... READ MORE

Approximate cost to fix sagging skin? (photos)

Sagging skin eyes. My dad had so could be inherited trait. Hard to hold up eye lids and see at times. Sagging jaws and deep wrinkles READ MORE

What method is best for tighten whole face like lifted look near cheeks and eyes?

.i hav tear trough disformy but not that bad .cheeks flat is what i don't like the most i don't want filler .but dr said it might swell anyway so he... READ MORE

What do you think would be the best thing to do to get rid of the extra skin I have under my eyes? (Photos)

I'm super insecure about them. I look more than Terrible in the pictures I know and I also have darkness under my eyes. READ MORE

What would my cheapest permanent options be for a face lift and glebaria area?

My main concern is the area that looks like I'm mad all the time I know botox helps but I would like something more perminit so I don't have to go... READ MORE

Does High Frequency Treatment Below the Eyes Work?

My most bothersome issues involve my large tear troughs and the chicken-skin look on the skin below my eyes. I first tried chemical peels (2) with no... READ MORE

I can not have an eye lift do to Chronic dry eye. What would serve me best for tightening and wrinkle removal? (photos)

I have had co2 around my eyes twice; 2009 and 2001. I was happy with results but worry about volume loss. Should I see a dermotologist or PS? If... READ MORE

Which Laser Gives the Best Non-surgical Results for Tightening Skin Around the Eyes?

Besides botox and fillers, which lasers give you the best non-surgical results for eye rejuvenation? READ MORE

I have a situation that I have been to 3 different doctors. My family physician, dermatologist and a plastic surgeon. (Photo)

I was at a conference in Orlando, FL..Premier Orlando, and was pulled away for a demo from the company called "PERFECTIO." It was supposed to be a... READ MORE

I have some wrinkles around my eyes. I want to be tight. I am 39 years old (Photo)

My name is samina i am 39 years old i am carer i want be tight skin around my eyes i ll get merry after 2 months my lover younger then me i want tight... READ MORE

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