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Treatments for Sagging Upper Thigh Skin?

I have lost the elasticity in my upper thighs, making it look like I have a terrible case of cellulite (confirmed by several cellulite experts). I... READ MORE

Recommendations To Help Skin "Bounce Back" After Weight Loss?

I'm 42, white male and parents have good skin elasticity. After gatric bypass and 125lb weight loss, the skin in my ab area is SLIGHTLY sagging... READ MORE

I'm 20 Yrs Old and Due to Excessive Washing my Face I Think my Skin Has Lost Its Firmness What Should Do?

I have oily skin so i used to wash it many a times without knowing excessive washing is nt good.moreover used many products to cure it n i think i... READ MORE

Is there a way to tighten this area of my face? (photos)

I'm not sure if this is the start of a Jowl or what you would actually call this are but I'm not happy that it's starting to loose elasticity. What... READ MORE

Loss of elasticity and cellulite on stomach. What are my best options to fix and/or slow down the process? (Photo)

47yo, 118 to 123 lbs for over 30 years. Minor love handles, stomach wrinkles when torso contracts, when I lie down the skin is lax and I have some... READ MORE

Loss of elasticity in lower buttocks. What would you suggest?

I have found as I have got older I now have loose skin on my lower buttocks, I have tried lase and other types op treatment, they have helped but have... READ MORE

What facial surgery is appropriate for jowling if I have lost elasticity to my lower face?

What surgical procedure can I have to treat jowling and a double chin. I have lost the definition of my jawline and have developed marionette lines. I... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for skin tightening?

I have a lot of stretch marks around my waistline from weight gain and loss after having my kids. Leaving little elasticity which makes me a little... READ MORE

What is best procedure for loss of skin elasticity under chin and tight jawline? Jowls

Plus, loss of volume under eye, droopy eye lids, dark spots, fine lip lines READ MORE

What Can I Do For Crepey Leg Skin That Has Lost It's Elasticity?

I am only 31 and have crepey, snake skin covering my legs. I have lost collagen and the skins elasticity has depleted by the looks of it. When I pull... READ MORE

At What Age Do You Start Loosing Skin Elasticity?

At what age do you start loosing skin elasticity, in your stomach area? READ MORE

Effectiveness of Skin Tightening with Erbium Yag Fractionated with Long Pulse? (photo)

I am 50 and have a light olive complexion with moderate sun damage from working outside. I have noticed some loss of elasticity that is most... READ MORE

I Lost Skin Elasticity from Pharmaceuticals. I Did Not Lose Any Weight. Is This Reversible?

This is not a side effect. The pills were too toxic for my body. I first saw wrinkled around my eyes, then my skin sagged within only a month. I... READ MORE

I need help, I very have loose skin, my skin so far good elasticity, my bigger issues are my split muscles. (Photo)

Do you advice, endoscopy procedure for my self, few doctors advice were no Tommy tuck for me because my skin is very tight. Thank you I really... READ MORE

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