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CACI vs Radio Frequency for face?

I am 62 and just had Radio Frequency done on my face and I am thrilled with the results! I want to go back to have my neck done, but my friend said... READ MORE

TITAN Vs. Thermage for Skin Tightening?

I have an olive complexion can I use either the Titan Laser or the Thermage laser treatment - also, which one is more effective for facial skin... READ MORE

Velashape Vs Thermage For Loose Belly Skin

I am 34, have some wrinkly skin under my belly button from two pregnancies. I am trying to decide between VelaShape or Thermage. Any advice would be... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Ultra Therapy Skin Tightening and Sciton Skin Tightening?

I keep hearing of new things coming out and I'm wondering if there is a diiference in these two....Ultra Therapy and Sciton for face or body... READ MORE

Are all Radiofrequency treatments the same? What's the difference between monopolar, bipolar, tripollar and multipolar?

Dear doctors, Is there a difference in results between the Radiofrequency treatments? I had Pelleve sessions which were a waste of money and provided... READ MORE

Skin Tightening on Inner Elbows and Knees?

Lax skin on the inner elbow/arms/tops of knees: I have heard Gentle Yag Laser, Velashape and CoolLipo may help these areas with skin tightening? Does... READ MORE

For Fatty/Soggy Face - FaceTite, or Ultherapy + Lipodissolve?

I have a small thin face (I'm not overweight) but it's quite fatty and droopy ("pudding face"). I'm 40 and everyone in my family... READ MORE

What is the Best Laser Skin Tighten Treatment?

I want to tighten my skin and enhance my facial complexion. There are so many types of laser treatment out there. Which would be the best? READ MORE

Trying to decide between Thermage, Ultherapy or Thermi RF Tight for overall rejuvenation and skin tightening.

In my late 40s, I am experiencing the usual problems with aging skin, sagging around eyes and mouth, fine lines and large pores, neck and jawline in... READ MORE

Best Procedure for Skin Tightening and Collagen Building?

Which between Obagi Blue, FotofacialRF, and PhotoDynamic Therapy with IPL is better for skin tightening and building collagen? I am not ready for a... READ MORE

Better for Skin Tightening After Weight Loss - Velashape or Thermage?

I lost a lot of weight when I was a teen and has gone down to my ideal weight since.But now that I'm on my mid-20's,the skin on my once really... READ MORE

Do Slimlipo and Smartlipo Tighten Skin Better or Longer Than Thermage or Triniti?

What is the most effective skin tightening proceedure that lasts, other than surgery? READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Skin tightening? Volume ? Facelift?

I'm 37, I don't have jowls that hang below the jaw but have folda and saggung around the mouth. I don't know if it's worth going for laser tightening... READ MORE

What's the best skin tightening treatment?

I don't want to do fillers for personal reasons but I would like some help with early skin laxity. Of microcurrent,dermapens and chemical peels, which... READ MORE

Titan Skin Tightening or Laser Genesis for Under the Eyes?

I would like some advice/exptertise on if Titan Laser or Laser Genesis would work for under my eyes to eliminate wrinkles that have recently developed... READ MORE

Reaction by Viora Vs. EndyMed Pro by Clarion - Which One is Better?

RF is more and more popular ... which machine offers the best results between those 2 .... thank you in advance. READ MORE

Skin Tighening Procedures?

I am looking to have facial skin tightening with Endymed 3 Deep Pro RF and I was wondering if it is similar to the Thermage? If not, how are the two... READ MORE

If you only had $2500 to spend...would you invest in SmartLipo OR Ultherapy for skin tightening?

I would like to ask: If you only had $2500 to spend...would you invest in SmartLipo OR Ultherapy for skin tightening of moderate loose skin (turkey... READ MORE

Better for Skin Laxity: Fraxel, Titan or Pearl Fractional?

I had one Thermage 2 years ago with minimal or any improvement in terms of laxity. is Titan much different than Thermage? I am 45 years old. Thanks, Julie READ MORE

Which beauty machine is faster and gives a longer result? (Photo)

I'm 35 years my face very tired please which tayp of machine beauty salon use best result for wrinkle women ex(radio fereqency or galvanic or portable... READ MORE

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