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Wondering what I can do now to remedy the crepey and loose skin after a neck lift three years ago? (photos)

When I had the neck lift and face lift at 55, the doctor liposuctioned the neck and chin, but I was not required to wear a chin stap so I wonder if... READ MORE

Options for Excess Skin on Neck and Chin from Weight Loss?

I am 38 and have recovered from an illness that required IV steroids as well as medications that caused extreme weight gain. I am a year post illness... READ MORE

Correction for Sagging Lower Face Caused by Dentures?

I recently had to have an upper denture, and I have noticed that my mouth and chin area are sagging a little more that they were before. Is there... READ MORE

Filler for Sagging Chin?

The skin under my chin is starting to sag. Is there a filler used to tighten sagging skin under chin? READ MORE

Saggy Skin Under the Chin Area - Options?

I have gotten refirme at american laser (total of 6 treatments in the last 2 years), and then i got a "knock-off" thermage treatment for... READ MORE

Sagging Skin from Jutting the Jaw Forward?

I'm a 24-year-old male who has a very small chin and a small overbite, two years ago I noticed that by jutting my jaw forward I would look so much... READ MORE

Non-surgical Skin Tightening After Lifestyle Lift?

I had Lifestyle Lift, and there's a lot of skin left under my chin. Is there anything non-surgical that can be done to tighten it? READ MORE

What are the best options for marionette lines + saggy under-chin skin? (photos)

I'm 40 and feel like my "pre-jowls" age me the most; marionette lines and saggy skin under my jaw. Fillers have been recommended, but adding volume... READ MORE

Under Chin Sagging?

My mother is overweight due to medication for her MS, she'd developed a double chin, and I'd always assumed it was because of the weight. However, my... READ MORE

Someone please help with my chin problem , surgery or non surgical ?

I need the skin around my neck/chin tightening , i seen a surgeon he said a chin implant would help but not fix the problem , and vaser wouldn't help... READ MORE

I'm 15 yrs old male, any ways to repair my skin?

Extremely saggy skin from tanning in 2013 and weight loss in 2014, i have absolutely no self confidence no more and never go out, i have lines appear... READ MORE

What is best procedure for loss of skin elasticity under chin and tight jawline? Jowls

Plus, loss of volume under eye, droopy eye lids, dark spots, fine lip lines READ MORE

Age 26, Skin Sagging Solutions?

I'm paranoid about my appearance, and one problem I have is my family hereditary has under chin sagging I am beginning to develop. Money is very... READ MORE

I'm trying to find the most effective procedure for tightening the very thin skin right underneath my chin. Any suggestions?

I'm 49 and overall am pleased with the condition of my skin. I've been using sunscreen and Retin-A faithfully for at least ten yrs. now. I eat well,... READ MORE

What can I do (least invasive possible) to correct sagging jawline and chin. 39 years old. (photos)

I'm not happy with how my jawline Is looking in profile but am trying to avoid surgery if possible. What can I do? READ MORE

Can the loose skin after jaw surgery can be fixed? (photos)

I had a double jaw surgery 1,5 years ago. As a results of it I have a very loose skin around the chin area. I have a double fat chin. Can it be... READ MORE

What can I do about sagging around my mouth and chin? (Photo)

I'm young but it drives me crazy and fillers have only made it worse!! Please help!! READ MORE

I have a lot of excess skin especially under my chin. I'm not fat so it's horrible. What can I do to naturally fix this? (Photo)

I grind my teeth and have a weird jaw so that may contribute to the looseness. I can literally pull the skin out and away from my face or anywhere,... READ MORE

Skin Tightening Options for Chin or Neck?

I'm 34 and have noticed sagging chin, slight turkey neck, vertical neck lines, and crepiness the past 2 years. I'm very self-conscious about it. I... READ MORE

Skin Tightening and Contouring After Double Chin Liposuction?

How much time does the skin take to completely tighten and contour after the double chin liposuction? Its been 3 months post op for me and now since... READ MORE

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