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How to Tighten Loose Breast Skin Without Surgery?

I lost about 100 pounds naturally and i'm happy about that but now ive noticed that the skin on my breasts is loose is there an exercise that can... READ MORE

What Is The Best Way To Address Crepey Breast Skin?

The skin on my breasts is crepey (with white stretch marks) due to weight fluctuation. I'm aware the stretch marks aren't likely to improve.... READ MORE

Procedure for Hanging Skin and Hanging Breasts After Pregnancy?

I have had 2 children. I have lost the baby weight and look good standing. When bending foward, the skin is loose and my breasts hang. How do I fix this? READ MORE

Skin Tightening Option After Male Breast Reduction?

I had Gynecomastia surgery about 14 yrs ago. The left pec has not tightened enough. From the side of the pec to the nipple looks like a smaller... READ MORE

Is There a Product That Really Does Tighten Skin?

Is there a product that really tightens skin? What if I lose enough weight so that the skin just tightens around the breast? Is that possible? I have... READ MORE

Options for Sagging Breast Skin?

I lost about 100 pounds, but now my breast skin is sagging. Is there any way to correct this with and without surgery? READ MORE

Is There a Non-surgical Tightening Treatment for the Skin on the Breasts?

I don't know what the technical term is, but the skin on my breast has lost its firmness. I wear a 30 DD, no implants, major weight loss or sagging... READ MORE

I am 47 and am aging with every pound I shed, as my skin is simply not bouncing back.

Where do I begin? I definitely don't want to do any sort of procedure until I finish losing the rest of my weight, but I would like to know what my... READ MORE

J Plasma for the Body?

My doctor has recommended J Plasma for my back, side of my breasts and upper chest area. I had a breast reduction less than a year ago, but my skin... READ MORE

Is there any effective skin firming treatments for breasts?

I just weaned my child of the boob, and my breasts that were a fairly perky 34D before pregnancy are shriveling up, and the skin is deflated, baggy... READ MORE

1 week post op scar revision & skin tightening. I'm concerned about my scar tissue & the way it looks. Any suggestions? (photo)

Are my scars going to get better? Is this a correct way a scar should look under my breast after skin tightening? Is it normal to have such a... READ MORE

What is the best non-surgical way to tighten loose skin?

I have lost a lot of weight, but no one can tell because of all the loose skin . I don't want to have surgery to fix it. What is the best way to... READ MORE

Loose skin on my breasts. Are there any ways of filling out my breasts or tightening up the skin?

I am 23 years of age (never been particularly large to begin with) although my breasts were always very big. As my puppy fat disappeared and having a... READ MORE

Breast skin tightening for slightly loose skin on breasts?

Hello, what non-surgical options are there for tightening up breast skin after moderate (40lbs.) weight loss? I've got some loose skin and a bit of... READ MORE

Do breast tightening creams really work?

I want to know about breast righting creams it really works or not n it has side-effects? READ MORE

Is there a non invasive way to lift skin on the breasts?

Is there a non invasive way yo lift skin on the breasts and would it be safe while breastfeeding, if no why not? READ MORE

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