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Non Surgical Skin Tightening for the Tummy?

I am a mother of 4 children. I had my first child at the age of 16. I was told that because of my young age my skin stretched a lot, hence all the... READ MORE

Will Exercise Take Care of Extra Skin Caused by 3 Pregnancies?

I had 3 full term pregnancies, my tummy was flat before them. Now I'm left with thin body but a big squishy belly. I have lost all of the pregnancy... READ MORE

Velashape Vs Thermage For Loose Belly Skin

I am 34, have some wrinkly skin under my belly button from two pregnancies. I am trying to decide between VelaShape or Thermage. Any advice would be... READ MORE

Treatment for Post Pregnancy Sagging Belly Skin?

I had a baby at the end of April. During my pregnancy, I developed toxemia, became very swollen and gained even more weight. I gained a total of 75... READ MORE

10 years post baby and I still have a mom belly. Are their any successful non-surgical procedures to consider? (photo)

I do not want to lose weight and I've looked into exercise. My personal trainer says it will take a year and a half with a vigorous 5 day workout to... READ MORE

Options for Excess Skin on the Belly?

I'm not sure about the options for me. I'm 37, mother to 2 year old full term twins (c-section). I was a size 0 fitness instructor before I got... READ MORE

What Type of Procedure to Remove Loose Skin and Belly Fat?

Hello, I'm a 29 year old male. I have leftover belly fat and skin from my teens when I was 70lbs heavier than I am now (6' tall, 168lbs.. used... READ MORE

Surgery for Excess Skin after Male Weight Loss

What Surgery Best Fits my Situation?  21 year old male, current weight:205.Lost 75 pounds. Problem areas: excess skin/fat on stomach,lower... READ MORE

Best Method to Firm Up Belly, Thighs and Flanks? (photo)

I have tried diet and exercise 5 times a week. I am very fit, active and healthy. But I cannot lose the belly, thigh and flank fat gained when I was... READ MORE

Options for Waistline Tightening and Contouring?

Help! I am approaching 50 and have lost my waist. I have always had a pretty flat stomach, now I have this waist roll and tummy pooch along with... READ MORE

Skin Tightening on Abdomen Post-baby

I'm 5'4"/115lbs, work out, & eat a healthy diet. What's the best method to tighten stretched out skin on my belly (I only have about a pound or so... READ MORE

Clarification Sought on Conflicting Doctors' Advice Here Re: Non-surgical Skin Tightening for Belly?

Many doctors say non-surgical skin tightening for abs - Thermage/laser/radio/ultrasound procedures - is a waste. Other docs say it does work, just not... READ MORE

Can skin tightening procedures reduce and possibly even eliminate the appearance of cellulite?

I lost about 60 pounds 17 years ago, and also had liposuction about five years after my weight loss, to get rid of areas of fat that were not... READ MORE

Surgical procedure for lax belly skin through belly button?

I have a little loose skin, but a tummy tuck is overkill and too scarring for what I need. When I stand upright, my belly looks great and my ab... READ MORE

Mini Tummy Tuck or Non Surgical Skin Tightening Laser?

I'm a 30 yrs old female,had a traditional liposuction under general anestesia on 2010.(600cc) Not obese and never suffered from weight issue as I... READ MORE

Would minimal loose skin around belly be helped by non invasive options? (photos)

After a slow weight loss of 30 lbs I have a some lose skin around my belly button. There is no flap or rolls, however the skin is has a sag and just... READ MORE

Abdominal Skin Tightening? (photo)

Hi, I am 35 years old and I am a small size girl, 5'3" tall, 98lb. I don't have too much fat to get rid of, I just want to make the skin tight. I... READ MORE

What kind of surgery or procedure will fix this saggy skin from a belly ring?

I am open to surgery or anything that will get rid of this loose skin above my belly button. This happened after pregnancy READ MORE

What types of non invasive surgeries are there for flabby skin?

Specifically the upper arm and belly area? I don't have significant extra skin but enough to need tightening.Also how much do procedures usually cost... READ MORE

What can I do to get rid of my wrinkled belly? (photos)

After having three children the skin on my belly is a bit wrinkled. Is the skin too wrinkled to try non-surgical methods? READ MORE

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