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How to Tighten Saggy Thighs Without Surgery?

I'm 31 and i really need help i have saggy thighs after losing 25kg and i'm looking 4 a way to firm my thighs without surgery and scar that last and... READ MORE

I'm 19 years old. What is the best treatment for saggy skin after weightloss?

What's the best treatment for loose skin? I've lost 6stone over a year ago, and my skin is still quite loose. I'm 19, but my skin is taking really... READ MORE

I Am Looking for a Skin Tightening Procedure for Wrinkly Skin Around the Belly Button Area?

Wrinkly skin around belly button due to post pregnancy weight loss but I am worried that it might be too loose for any procedure to take real effect READ MORE

Non-Surgical Skin Tightening After Weight Loss? (Age 19)

I`m 19 and i`ve lost considerable amount of weight, now i have all these skin which i want to get rid off, I have loose skin on my legs and my... READ MORE

I lost 170lb, Are there any alternatives to massive surgery to remove excess arm and inner thigh skin? photo)

I was 300lb back in 2000, Sz 26 & I'm down to 130 Sz 4. Is there anything less $$ than major surgery? I so much wanted to get thin & be healthy. I did... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Tighten Skin on my Lower Legs?

The skin on my lower legs (Calf and knees) is loose. I have lost more than half my body weight over a 3 year period by exercise and diet. I consulted... READ MORE

What Type of Procedure to Remove Loose Skin and Belly Fat?

Hello, I'm a 29 year old male. I have leftover belly fat and skin from my teens when I was 70lbs heavier than I am now (6' tall, 168lbs.. used... READ MORE

I'm Only 27 but my Face is Sagging?

I've lost 12 kilos 2 years ago and since then the skin on my face became thin and my cheeks became hollow. I went to see a surgeon here where I live,... READ MORE

Is Laser Skin Tightening Effective and Safe?

I’m a guy, 30 years old, I've had a diet 2 years ago and I managed to loose 33 kg. I am now 184cm and 88 kg and exercise a few times a week. I have a... READ MORE

What Are my Options Aside from Dermal Fillers? Ultherapy? Mini-Facelift? Fat Transfer? (photo)

Hi, I'm 26 years old and my face has been rapidly drooping, esp. in the cheeks, due to a bad reaction to Rogaine (see review for before pics) with... READ MORE

What are some non-surgical ways to help my thighs and knees saggy skin and that is not as expensive as plastic surgery?

Lost alot of weight. My thighs and knees are very saggy. Can't afford plastic surgery. Other alternatives to help my skin. READ MORE

How can I get rid of creases from skin folds or at least make them less visible?

I use to be overweight and recently lost over a hundred pounds. But because of being overweight for so long and having skin folds, I now have these... READ MORE

I Am 24. Lost About 50 Lbs in 4 Months. Going Roughly from 165 to 115ish. Is This Loose Arm Skin? (photo)

I have other cosmetic concerns but cannot figure out if this is primarily loose skin or fat and if it will require procedure to correct. At my age, I... READ MORE

Better for Skin Tightening After Weight Loss - Velashape or Thermage?

I lost a lot of weight when I was a teen and has gone down to my ideal weight since.But now that I'm on my mid-20's,the skin on my once really... READ MORE

Horrible Skin After Weight Loss at 24?

For about the past three months I've gone from healthy looking to sick looking. The problem started after I lost weight too quickly, I noticed my face... READ MORE

Follow up: The skin on my legs looks like my 74 year old mother. What procedures are there to correct this? (Photo)

I have bad genes in this department, but I have also lost 30 pounds, and now the skin on my upper legs is so embarrassing I do not want to wear shorts... READ MORE

Will non-invasive skin tightening treatments work?

What are my options to reduce the dimpling and short creases above the belly button? (the larger one is from sitting and goes away after standing for... READ MORE

Non-surgical Ways to Reduce Loose Skin After Weight Loss?

Being a statistic of childhood obesity all I've known is being over weight. Well being now 19 years old I've gone from 264lbs with my body fat% being... READ MORE

Can skin tightening procedures reduce and possibly even eliminate the appearance of cellulite?

I lost about 60 pounds 17 years ago, and also had liposuction about five years after my weight loss, to get rid of areas of fat that were not... READ MORE

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