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Will Exercise Take Care of Extra Skin Caused by 3 Pregnancies?

I had 3 full term pregnancies, my tummy was flat before them. Now I'm left with thin body but a big squishy belly. I have lost all of the pregnancy... READ MORE

What Are Some Non-surgical Ways to Get Rid of my Sagging Stomach After Pregnancy?

What are the best ways to tone the post-baby stomach and get rid of pregnancy related sagging without surgery? READ MORE

What's the Best Treatment for Loose Skin After a C-section?

I have had 3 c sections and  i have a lot of loose skin in my tummy what could work 4 me? READ MORE

What is the best way to get rid of stomach wrinkles without a Tummy Tuck?

I had my baby girl 13 months ago. I gained 45 pounds. I ended up getting really bad stretch marks and loose skin. The stretch marks faded a lot. They... READ MORE

Will Laser Skin Tighten and Laser for Stretch Marks Help My Abdomen After Pregnancy? (photo)

Please help, I'm 22, 106lbs, 5'1, after having my baby I ended up with stretch marks on my belly and sides, I have to admit that have always have them... READ MORE

I Am Looking for a Skin Tightening Procedure for Wrinkly Skin Around the Belly Button Area?

Wrinkly skin around belly button due to post pregnancy weight loss but I am worried that it might be too loose for any procedure to take real effect READ MORE

Treatment for Post Pregnancy Sagging Belly Skin?

I had a baby at the end of April. During my pregnancy, I developed toxemia, became very swollen and gained even more weight. I gained a total of 75... READ MORE

How Can Someone Tighten Loose Skin After Pregnancy?

How can someone tighten loose skin after pregnancy? READ MORE

10 years post baby and I still have a mom belly. Are their any successful non-surgical procedures to consider? (photo)

I do not want to lose weight and I've looked into exercise. My personal trainer says it will take a year and a half with a vigorous 5 day workout to... READ MORE

How Best to Correct Loose/excess Stomach Skin After Pregnancies? (photo)

I have always been in shape, but stomach was quite large (gained just over 40lbs) with my last pregnancy a few years ago. I am satisfied with how... READ MORE

I Want to Know What Can I Do to Tighten my Stomach, with out Surgury?

I am 32 years old, mother of three kids..right now 134 pounds, i have to know what procedure you can recomend for me.. i dont want tummy tuck cause i... READ MORE

I'm 29yrs old and have sagging stomach skin after second pregnancy. What are my chance of tightening skin from exercise? (photo)

I'm 29yrs old and just had my second child 15mos after having my first. I gained a lot of weight with my first pregnancy and was extremely nauseated... READ MORE

What non invasive treatments could you recommend for my stomach? (photo)

What are the non invasive treatment could you recommend for my stomach? Im just 24 and I have given birth 2years ago but still my stomach is the worst. READ MORE

Clarification Sought on Conflicting Doctors' Advice Here Re: Non-surgical Skin Tightening for Belly?

Many doctors say non-surgical skin tightening for abs - Thermage/laser/radio/ultrasound procedures - is a waste. Other docs say it does work, just not... READ MORE

I want to know if there is a non-invasive option to tighten the abdomen area?

I reached 200lbs at the end of my pregnancy and after having them was at 170lbs (I am 5'3"). I have been working out for over a year and lost 35lbs.... READ MORE

Does Viora Refit Work?

Hi, Due to my pregnancy, my skin around the tummy is loose and sagging. I just happened to come across the Viora Refit and it claimed that it can... READ MORE

Non-surgical Skin Tightening Option for Loose Belly Skin?

After having my daughter I have some loose skin below my belly button. Its not bad enough to need a Tummy Tuck but I would consider a procedure to... READ MORE

Loose Skin That Hangs over my Belly Button. Which Procedure is Right for Me? (photo)

I've recently had 2 children in the past 2 years via c-section (my youngest child was born 2/2012). Now I have a bit of wrinkled skin that hangs over... READ MORE

More Exercise or Need Tummy Tuck/skin Tightening? (photo)

4 months post partum after 3 pregnancies and have been working REALLY REALLY hard with diet and working out. I am not happy with my skin tone on my... READ MORE

Is There Anything I Can Do at Home to Tone Up a Small Amount of Extra Skin? (photo)

I have a little bit of extra skin from previous pregnancies and i would like to get rid of it. I'm 27 and its only going to get harder as i get older.... READ MORE

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