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Can I Get Treatment For Large Pores or Scars?

I want to get treatment for my rough skin texture. Are the holes mainly large scarred pores or scars? Which treatment(s) may respond best? READ MORE

I Have Brown Bumps on my Legs, What Are They? (photo)

I have these brown bumps on my legs,thighs and a few on my arms.They sometimes have hair and they become red after showers.I want to know what they... READ MORE

42 Yr Old Asian with Sensitive Skin: Chemical or Laser For Sun Spots, Lines and Discoloration? (photo)

I have a question regarding the pros and cons of chemical vs laser for my skin type: Fair skin, Asian, VERY sensitive skin, SCARS easily, capillaries,... READ MORE

What would be the absolute best treatment for getting rid of dark, discolored patches on my face? (Photos)

Being a woman and struggling with a combination of eczema and acne all of my life has definitely not been easy. It's extremely difficult when I try to... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for crepey, orange peel looking skin on the chin?

What is the best treatment for crepey, orange peel looking skin on the chin? My skin was fine until I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and... READ MORE

I'm looking to freshen up my appearance. I have some pigmentation and pores i'd like to reduce. (photos)

As well as rejuvenate skin tone. I've considered for sometime how to best address some skin concerns I have. I have some uneven skin tone on my... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for large pores, blackheads, and under eye treatments? (Photo)

I have several issues. I have large pores and acne scars, a ton of blackheads on my nose and my under eyes are slightly sunken in and they have mild... READ MORE

What kind of treatment can I get to even out my skin tone? (Photos)

I have acne scarring and would like to get an even skin tone along with getting rid of my freckles. What's the quickest or easiest way to achieve this... READ MORE

What treatment do I need?

After having 2 kids and breastfeeding skin became dull tired with enlarge pores.deepness and dark circles under my some... READ MORE

I am a female of Afghan descent and I have brown skin with a golden undertone. Treatment to lighten and brighten skin?

Hi I wanted to find a treatment option to lighten and brighten my skin, my skin is very dull and I want to bring more life to it. I also have areas of... READ MORE

My doctor gave me a topical treatment called Veltin. Now I have redness and dry skin. How can I get rid of the redness? (photo)

He also gave me a cleanser called plexon and medicine called morgodox. My face is very red and extremly dry I use a good moisturizer called Cerve what... READ MORE

Crepey sundamaged skin under eyes (not that loose). (Photos)

Best treatment for crepey possibly sun damaged skin under eyes? I am 32 years old, don't smoke, often wear sunglasses but can't use any eye creams as... READ MORE

Thermascan Skin rejuvenation. Is this safe for Asian skin?

Is this safe for Asian skin? What does this treat? Can this tighten to eliminate wrinkling in the upper arm area? READ MORE

I Have Mastocytosis Spots(looks Like Really Bad Freckles) on my Upper Legs and Abdomen Area, is There Any Removal Treatment?

I Have Mastocytosis Spots (looks Like Really Bad Freckles) on my Upper Legs and Abdomen Area, is There Any Removal Treatment? READ MORE

Should I Have a Second Vitalize Peel if I Have Noticed Hypopigmentation?

Hi I just had a vitalize peel a little over a month ago, I'm puertorican, white complexion, acne-prone,( that's the reason I did it) I'm... READ MORE

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