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I Used an Ice Pack on my Face Following Upper Bleph Surgery to Reduce Swelling on my Face, But It Burned Me. What Can I Do?

Now my lower left eyelid has been pink with tiny bumps for 6 days. How long will this last and how should I treat it? My doctor gave me Lotemax... READ MORE

Large Pores, Redness, Acne Scars on Face - Most Effective Treatments?

I have large pores, redness and moderate acne scarring on my face. I had fractional Co2 laser last summer (aggressive - 1 week recovery), which did... READ MORE

I Blush Very Easily On My Face and Chest, What Are Some Options For Me?

I blush really easy (which is extremely embarassing it turns my whole face and chest red) and also have night redness on the bridge of my nose and... READ MORE

Is there any way to thicken thinned facial skin? (Photo)

My skin became very week and thin.. You can see many blood vessels and broken capillaries that were never noticeable before.. Lots of redness and... READ MORE

Why do I have deep redness running down my nasolabial folds?

I started with a thin "red-line" down one of my nasolabial folds last year or so. About 8-10 months ago I had matching one on other side. Now it seems... READ MORE

My doctor gave me a topical treatment called Veltin. Now I have redness and dry skin. How can I get rid of the redness? (photo)

He also gave me a cleanser called plexon and medicine called morgodox. My face is very red and extremly dry I use a good moisturizer called Cerve what... READ MORE

What's the best/fastest way to get rid of all these red acne marks, scars, sun damage etc (Photo)

My face is clear for 2 months now. all the redness u see on my face is red acne marks, scars, sun damage etc I THINK. There's no active acne. I'm... READ MORE

Im 35 years old. I need recommendations to treat chest redness and fine lines and wrinkles? (photo)

I have an eternally red chest from previous sun damage. It looks to me like tiny broken blood vessels. Any time in the sun and it immediately becomes... READ MORE

I've used a rejuvenating set which includes a toner, cream and a sunblock. My face starts to have rash and redness? (Photo)

I've started using a rejuvenating product lately known as dr. alvins, i washed my face with kojic soap as adviced then, apply the toner and then the... READ MORE

Tretinoin caused redness, itchiness and sandpaper feeling on my arms. What to do?

I started using tret 0.1 on my arms and upper thighs daily. My arms have become red and itchy and have a coarse texture. What do I do? Power through... READ MORE

Red acne marks, general redness and scarring. I would like to know what is the best treatment for ordinary face again? (photo)

Should I just concentrate on removing the redness only, remove the redness then the scarring, or straight jump to removing the scarring? I'm... READ MORE

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