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What Can Be Done for Crepey, Saggy Skin Under the Eyes?

I am in my 40s, with fair Irish skin. My skin looks pretty good except under my eyes- I have crepey loose skin directly under my eye when I smile.... READ MORE

Chemical Peel Vs. Fraxel Laser for Facial Rejuvenation?

I'm 45 years old and want to do some facial rejuvenation, especially around the eyes. I was considering Fraxel but have been reading some negative... READ MORE

How Can I Improve the Texture of my Skin? (photo)

I had acne in my younger years (i'm 23 now) I'm trying to improve the appearance of my skin (if at all possible) I don't like the fact... READ MORE

I Am Only 22, Why Does My Face Look Tired and Old? What Can I Do? (photo)

Hello,doctors.I'm only 22.But I look tired and old.Here are my pictures.Please tell me the reason. READ MORE

I Have a Layer of Rough Skin with Open Pores, Black Spots, and Frown Lines, How To Treat These Issues?

I have a layer of rough skin with open pores, black spots, and frown line from my nose to my mouth on both sides. I developed age spots or liver spots... READ MORE

I look older than I really am. I'm wondering what is causing the problem, and how it can be remedied. (Photo)

I'm 20 and I am often times told I look 30, I'm pretty sure this is a hereditary issue, I'm wondering what is causing the problem, and how it can be... READ MORE

What is the Safest Resurfacing Technique For Uneven Skin Tone? (photo)

I've been considering skin resurfacing, but there are too many choices. What is the best method? Laser? Chemical peel? Facial? I have relatively... READ MORE

How To Correct White Spots After Laser Treatment? (photo)

I had a laser treatment done in early October, it has almost been 4 months and the white spots are still there. Is there anything I can do in order to... READ MORE

What Treatments Are Available to Improve Facial Circulation?

I would like to know what non-surgical procedures are available to help increase blood circulation in the face especially around the eye area. I would... READ MORE

Skin Much Worse After CO2RE Laser Resurfacing, 5 Months Have Passed. What Can I Do?

CO2RE done on my face 5 months ago for removal of acne scarring and acne flare ups. I was taking 100mg of spironolactone and just recently weened off... READ MORE

Non Surgical Options Facial Rejuvenation in my 30s?

Hi. I am in my mid 30s and looking to have some non surgical facial rejuvenation done. My main issues are (slightly) uneven skin, uneven skin tone... READ MORE

Prematurely Aged at 28- What Treatment Will Be Effective? (photo)

Hi , I am a 28 year old female and due to various factors including stress and smoking, I have aged considerably over the past 2 years. My face, esp.... READ MORE

My question is about my dark spots, pimples and dull face skin. What is the best treatment?

Its me kaanchi 27 yr. I have lost my confidence level bcoz of my dark spot pimple and dullness of face skin plz tel me best treatment... Thank u in... READ MORE

How Can My Crepey Skin Be Fixed Without Worsening My Acne And Dermatitis? (photo)

I am 30 years old and have had this worsening 'crepey' skin all over my face since the age of 27. I believe it to be damage from benzyl... READ MORE

Which one is better for skin rejuvenation, hydra-facial, crystal or laser treatment at age 25?

Hi, what is the best facial treatment at 25 for skin rejuvenating with minimal side effects?? READ MORE

I Used an Ice Pack on my Face Following Upper Bleph Surgery to Reduce Swelling on my Face, But It Burned Me. What Can I Do?

Now my lower left eyelid has been pink with tiny bumps for 6 days. How long will this last and how should I treat it? My doctor gave me Lotemax... READ MORE

Premature Skin Aging at 28

I am a 28 yo female and during my 20s often drank and smoked heavily. I also suffered from acne and have icepick scars on cheeks and chin and also... READ MORE

Bleached my forehead with hair bleach. What do I need to do to revive my skin? (Photo)

I bleached my bangs and must have got it on my forehead after I rinced my hair I realized my forehead was what I call "fryed" iv been Useing lotion... READ MORE

What is This Bumpy Appearance on my Lower Eyelids/upper Cheeks? What Can Be Done? (photo)

I have this appearance under both eyes, and it has been getting progressively worse for about a year now. Could this be caused by a reaction to the... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Remove my Keratin Pilaris Bumps on my Legs?

I have this skin problem but greatly I have no redness just the bumps is their any treatment that will remove the bumpy feel of the skin? READ MORE

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