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Best Laser for Improvement of Skin Quality on Neck?

I would like type and brand recs please. Co2, fraxel, ablative fractional... Mixto vs total fx...too many choices. Help? READ MORE

Which one is better for skin rejuvenation, hydra-facial, crystal or laser treatment at age 25?

Hi, what is the best facial treatment at 25 for skin rejuvenating with minimal side effects?? READ MORE

Which Kind of Resurfacing for Acne Scarring, Sun Damage, and Large Pores?

I have been on so many consultations! Laser, mid-depth TCA, dermabrasion. I know they all work differently, but they seem to have similar healing... READ MORE

Laser For Male Mid 20sto Rejuvenate Skin?

What kind of lasers are good for someone in there mid 20s who is a male. i use spf everyday, and all the retinol and aha and bha products. i just feel... READ MORE

What and Which Treatment to Choose?

My question is a general one. With so many different types of laser treatments and fillers out there, and new ones coming out every day, how to decide... READ MORE

Update: what should they have done, under my eyes? (photos)

I can't update my last question so, I am just re-posting. It's now five days post procedure and my face is now back to normal (as far as swelling.) I... READ MORE

Premature aging at 31, IPL laser not effective. Specifically, what can I do to slow down and reverse this rapid aging? (photo)

I am 31 and recently had IPL laser twice for big pores, redness, and pregnancy melasma. In the past before having children, IPL worked great and I had... READ MORE

What laser surgery is best for young looking skin? Im 24 but want to look when I was 17. That young look.

I am getting mutiple procedures done so I'm not worried about tightening of the skin but what laser or lasers give you the best youthful look to your... READ MORE

What would be the best laser/photo/ non-surgical option for me? Early 30s (Photo)

Hi! I have mild rosacea, an uneven and "rough" skin tone. I'm starting to get fine lines around my eyes, and I've noticed I'm beginning to get... READ MORE

What is the best skin rejuvenation and resurfacing treatment? (Photos)

I would really appreciate it if a professional could recommend the best rejuvenation and resurfacing treatment for my skin please? Laser, micro... READ MORE

I'm 38 yr old mother of two. I have recently end up with chemical peel for my acne and freckles and dark spots.

But my freckles.and dark spots.are still not cleared...dr suggested me for lazer treatment..but dont want...instead i want to try some creme or serum.... READ MORE

What would be the best skin rejuvenation technique for me?

I'm 24 years old with clear skin but some light discoloration and acne scars, as well as mild wrinkles, particularly under eye and nasolabial folds. I... READ MORE

My first laser skin rejuvenation. When I should complete my next one?

I completee my first skin rejuvenation today and would just like to confirm when I should complete my next one. Should I wait 3 weeks or 6 weeks? READ MORE

What laser, facial, and/or system should I use to improve the texture and pore size and minimize sun/age spots? (photos)

I lived in a tanning bed in High School and my skin shows it. I've had several IPL/PhotoFacials done in the past (which seemed to help quite a bit),... READ MORE

Light rosacea and skin rejuvenation at 30. (photos)

Hi, I just turned 30 and I want to achieve a perfect skin complexion, I have a very light rosacea, and few fine wrinkles on my forehead. Tretinoine is... READ MORE

Could I have Nd Yag laser five hours before Botox?

I had laser rejuvenation twice before and my skin doesn't react much. I love the results and I was thinking of doing it the same day, first the laser... READ MORE

Thin and Crepey Body Skin at 64? (Photos)

I'm 64, and woke up with horribly thin, crepey skin that's really scaring me. I've been working at the computer for about 3 years now and have not... READ MORE

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