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How to Plump Face to Look Younger?

I had a rhinoplasty a couple of years ago. For about a year afterward, my face was swollen. My skin looked tighter and younger. Friends and family... READ MORE

Can I Get Treatment For Large Pores or Scars?

I want to get treatment for my rough skin texture. Are the holes mainly large scarred pores or scars? Which treatment(s) may respond best? READ MORE

What is the Safest Resurfacing Technique For Uneven Skin Tone? (photo)

I've been considering skin resurfacing, but there are too many choices. What is the best method? Laser? Chemical peel? Facial? I have relatively... READ MORE

Therapy for Building Facial Collagen?

Is there any therapy (light, microwave, ultrasound, radiowave, etc.) that can build up enough facial collagen slowly over time, to add volume and... READ MORE

Facial Rejuvenation Treatment: What Offers Long-lasting Results?

I'm 27 and I'm considering peels, IPL, Fraxel, and Active FX for the few sun spots and acne scars I'd like to take care of before I get married in a... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Skin Rejuvenation on Upper Cheek and Eyes?

I am 39 yrs old and 18 months ago, I had a full face CO2 Laser rejuvenation. Despite overall improved skin quality in the past 6 months, I have... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Tired Look in Smokers?

I have been smoking for four years and look seriously tired. I have tested various products in hope to eradicate the tiredness but failed. Wearing... READ MORE

Options for face rejuvenation? (photos)

I'm 24 years old, but my skin makes me look like I'm 40. Can someone please tell me how fix this? I'm so humiliated I don't even want to go grocery... READ MORE

I just finished with my third dermatude treatment and I see no changes. When will I see results and when is it ok to get Botox ?

I have had 3 dermatude and she thinks I will only need 4 treatments. They have been one week apart and I'm only scheduled for one more although she... READ MORE

Recommendation for Facial Rejuvenation?

I'm 56 yr old with sun damage, neck creases, lip wrinkles. don't want a pulled look. I want better looking, refreshed skin, less creases, lip... READ MORE

I Just Had Plasma Rejuvenation I Had Almost a Level 9-10 Pain from Injections is This Normal? Should I Massage the Face?

When I was 11 through 18 I had discoid Lupus. But I have no traces of it for 18 years. I am highly sensetive and have allergies. I recently had my fat... READ MORE

Need a cure for my marks! The texture of my skin is turning rough.

I'm 19 yrs old. The texture of my skin on face is turning rough . I'v started noticing spots on my zygomatic prominence. Plus iv been getting series... READ MORE

I have white spots all over neck and lower face where pigment has died, can this be treated?

I have white spots covering my neck, upper back and chest and part of my checks, my doctor states its from years of sun damage and the pigment has... READ MORE

What would be the absolute best treatment for getting rid of dark, discolored patches on my face? (Photos)

Being a woman and struggling with a combination of eczema and acne all of my life has definitely not been easy. It's extremely difficult when I try to... READ MORE

What facial rejuvenation would you recommend for me? (Photo)

I'm 42 years old and I have a nevus/melasma on the face. I'm losing volume on my cheeks. What would you recommend to do for facial rejuvenation? Thanks! READ MORE

What can I do to rejuvenate my face and look less saggy at 25? (Photo)

I've always had a tired, sag look, but it's getting worse with age. In my skin actually sagging or is it an illusion from dark circles /hollows? Also,... READ MORE

Looking to do some type of facial rejuvenation. Any suggestions?

I am 53 and looking to improve my skin due to teenage cystic acne, sun damage, some wrinkles and just different kind of marks etc. I was considering... READ MORE

Norseld Dual Yellow Laser from Australia for Rejuvenation?

My local Dermatologist has a Yellow Light Laser and I am considering non ablative skin rejuvenation and treatment of some superficial veins on my face... READ MORE

Any Risk with the Laser360 Skin Rejuvenation?

I may get the Laser360 (3 technologies + 60 days = skin rejuvenation). Is there any risk to this procedure? READ MORE

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