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Therapy for Building Facial Collagen?

Is there any therapy (light, microwave, ultrasound, radiowave, etc.) that can build up enough facial collagen slowly over time, to add volume and... READ MORE

Can one be too old to generate new collagen?

I am 62 and am considering several different skin rejuvenation methods to tighten some slight sagging and reduce the wrinkles around my mouth and eyes... READ MORE

After 50, my skin appears thin and crepey, especially on my thighs. What fairly budget-minded products might you recommend?

50 year old woman. Since menopause, skin, especially on legs looks droopy and crepe-y. I have been taking BioCell collagen supplement and surprisingly... READ MORE

I have loss of collagen around my eyes and cheeks due to depression and stress.

What treatments are available and whats best so damage will go away and maintain until the aging process? I'm a female. 22 years old. Black. READ MORE

Please tell me how to refresh my look? My face now looks elongated and I look sick all the time. How can I stop this? (Phoot)

I know as we age our skin loses elasticity but my face is going on overtime! It looks like I lost 80% of my cheeckbone's collagen and the hollowness... READ MORE

Effects of Infrared Radiation?

I recently researched the effects of far IR radiation. There are 2 studies that noted an increase in collagen production and decrease in wrinkling.... READ MORE

Is "stamping" normal after SRA on chest?

I received one SRA treatment on my chest and it looked liked a hot grate was placed on my chest. The estitichian said this was because there is no... READ MORE

I'm 24 and after taking retina on and off for about a year. I've noticed its ruined my skin. I have HUGE pores and dull skin.

I've currently started taking collagen supplements, lysine vitamins, serovital, I just received emu oil and am planning to put that on my face. I... READ MORE

Do collagen pills work for skin?

Hi, do collagen pills work? I have dehydrated my skin, thus left with wrinkles and fine lines. Do they help build collagen in the skin? And are they... READ MORE

How can one rejuvenate skin after using solarium regularly?

I've read that using sun bed regularly causes reduced collagen in the skin and therefore causes premature aging. Can one increase collagen with... READ MORE

What's more effective to improve collagen? Microneedling Endymed pro, dermaroller, microneedle, PRP or laser? (Photo)

How long does it take to notice changes? I had endy Med pro microneedling last week and haven't noticed any changes .. please kindly advise ..... READ MORE

Will Dry Needling Produce New Collagen in an 83 Yo Female?

Is it possible that an 83 year old taking this treatment NOT see her collagen stimulated as she hasn’t enough of it? I understand it takes from... READ MORE

Skin Thickening- is that possible? (Photo)

Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to increase collagen production throughout the entire body. My skin is relatively thin, which makes my arms,... READ MORE

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