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Skin Much Worse After CO2RE Laser Resurfacing, 5 Months Have Passed. What Can I Do?

CO2RE done on my face 5 months ago for removal of acne scarring and acne flare ups. I was taking 100mg of spironolactone and just recently weened off... READ MORE

Will Dark Brown Patches Created After Elos Treatment Fade?‏ (photo)

Hi, about 4 weeks ago I had a skin rejuvenation treatment (elos laser)to lighten what appear to be solar lentigines(?)on my face. It took 6 days to... READ MORE

I Used an Ultrasonic Facial Wand Under my Eyes and the Skin is All Hallowed out Now?

I only used it a few times. It didn't say anywhere not to use it under the eyes. I look terrible. I looked fine before I was just looking for some... READ MORE

White Spots on my Face from UVB Therapy- Permanent? (photo)

Hello, I have psoriasis and my dermatologist suggest that I start UVB therapy three times a week for four months. I have been going for two months now... READ MORE

Since Photocure Stopped Producing Allumera, Will It Be Taken off the Market?

I had one treatment with Allumera and Blue U Light, and I was reading online that Photocure will no longer be producing this product. Why is that? I... READ MORE

Will my Burns Recover ??

I had previously IPL for hair removal and tolerated this well. I was then offered photorejuvenation but not offered a patch test. I had the procedure... READ MORE

Can Damaged Skin Bounce Back if Your Young?

Hello. I am 22 years old and have developed wrinkles around my mouth already, as well as a loss of skin in my left inner cheek where the nasolabial... READ MORE

Skin Around the Scar Stretches with Every Skin Resurfacing Procedure

I've had skin resurfacing procedures done several times, and each time the skin surrounding the scar stretches 4-5 weeks later. Is it a hormonal... READ MORE

I Just Had Plasma Rejuvenation I Had Almost a Level 9-10 Pain from Injections is This Normal? Should I Massage the Face?

When I was 11 through 18 I had discoid Lupus. But I have no traces of it for 18 years. I am highly sensetive and have allergies. I recently had my fat... READ MORE

Having breakouts after using a new sonic facial brush (using lowest cycle and brush)

After having chemo in 2015, my pores were reduced, my skin smooth. I am 71 and had some acne as a teenager, but recently my pores were beginning to... READ MORE

Update: what should they have done, under my eyes? (photos)

I can't update my last question so, I am just re-posting. It's now five days post procedure and my face is now back to normal (as far as swelling.) I... READ MORE

I'm 24 and after taking retina on and off for about a year. I've noticed its ruined my skin. I have HUGE pores and dull skin.

I've currently started taking collagen supplements, lysine vitamins, serovital, I just received emu oil and am planning to put that on my face. I... READ MORE

Will the holes from dermarolling go away?

I started using a 0.5 Dermaroller at home once a week about 3 months ago. I also did one treatment with a 1.0 size roller. I noticed that it left... READ MORE

Is my Treatment Combo Effective?

Dear Doctors I have recently started a plan to improve my ageing facial skin: laser genesis one month and then a light peel the other month with... READ MORE

Is "stamping" normal after SRA on chest?

I received one SRA treatment on my chest and it looked liked a hot grate was placed on my chest. The estitichian said this was because there is no... READ MORE

Skin becomes very dehydrated after using hydroquinone 4%?

Can I use 4% hydroquinone for 3 months alternating with nonhydroquinone creams for next 3 months??!!!! My skin becomes much dry after using... READ MORE

Is vitamin C powder more effective than the serums after skin rejuvenation treatment?

I am hearing that vitamin C serums do not work at all and the only way to get vitamin C into the skin is to make it from pure powder (L-Ascorbic Acid)... READ MORE

I've used a rejuvenating set which includes a toner, cream and a sunblock. My face starts to have rash and redness? (Photo)

I've started using a rejuvenating product lately known as dr. alvins, i washed my face with kojic soap as adviced then, apply the toner and then the... READ MORE

Should I Have a Second Vitalize Peel if I Have Noticed Hypopigmentation?

Hi I just had a vitalize peel a little over a month ago, I'm puertorican, white complexion, acne-prone,( that's the reason I did it) I'm... READ MORE

I Have Scars on Most Parts of my Face Which Have Been Caused by Scratching, is It Possible to Resurface?

I have tried numerous things like microdemibrasion and thought that was a complete waste of time. i would like to resurface the scars on my face and... READ MORE

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