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What are the best pills for skin whitening?

Hello doctors what is the best pill for skin whitening? i have search no results could you recommend one or refer me to a good skin doctor READ MORE

Doc can you suggest me a skin whitening cream, as my complexon is decreased. I'm 17 years old. And have acne and pimples too

I have light pimples but dark marks And complexon is worse Plzz suggest something im getting married very soon Thankuu My dermotologisy gave me... READ MORE

Permanent whole body whitening Treatment. Any suggestions?

Hi, I am what is considered a fair person but is there a way to lighten the entire body 1-2 shades permanently or semi-permanently please? What... READ MORE

How to lighten, brighten, whiten, and even skin?

I have always disliked my skin. Ever since I was young I never has happy with my skin tone. I have Uneven skin and my elbows and nuckles are darker... READ MORE

I Want to Whiten my Skin Are There Any Safe Pills You Can Recommend That Will Work Effectively?

I Want to Whiten my Skin Are There Any Safe Pills U Can Recommend That Will Work Effectively? READ MORE

How to whiten my black vagina? (Photo)

I have black vagina skin around vagina is too black i want a treatment plz READ MORE

I planned to take gluthathione tab to whiten my skin. Is there any side effects?

If i take the glutathion tablet is there happen any side effect in my body or is it good,and does it work? READ MORE

I want to Unify my skin tone. What is the best way of whitening or lightning for my skin type? (photo)

24years old, black women. I have some skin color problem with uneven skin tone and dark scars that i wanna remove. 2 years ago i used some creams with... READ MORE

Is there any permanent solution to lightening and whitening my skin?

Is there any permanent solution to lightening and whitening my skin 2-3 shades, plz answer me , I really need it. My wedding is soon and my body has... READ MORE

Is it possible to lighten the color of my penis?

I am Asian. My skin tone is light brown. but the color of my penis is darker. I know that it is already part of my genes and all. But I kind of like... READ MORE

About hand and leg whitening creams?

Hello, Could you please provide me the best creams to whiten hand and legs. Actually my face is very fair but legs and hands looking very dark?? READ MORE

How can I whiten my sensitive area? I have used Eldoquin Forte 4% cream, home remedies and Fucidin.

I have no.3 type skin and my sensitive area is darker than my body. pimples regularly appear after shaving and waxing ,some of hair grows backwardly i... READ MORE

Is it possible to become pure white like an Albino? I really hoped It's possible. Can it be permanent?

Pale White Skin Whitening , Please Answer Doctor i be pleased for an answer :) READ MORE

Underarm Peeled and Whitening Cream?

Just had my UA(underarm) peeled,since 1st peeling session i didnt use deo now my UA got peeled, can i use my deo now? can i use whitening cream? derma... READ MORE

Is it possible to whiten skin using cryosurgery?

I am Korean but my skin is darker than most Koreans. Most Koreans have milky, pale skin. I wanted to permanently depigment my skin. I do not have any... READ MORE

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