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How can I even out my skin tone?

I am light and dark on certain parts of my body. I don't wanna bleach my whole body, I wanna keep my color but, I want all my skin even. How can I... READ MORE

Penis and buttocks lightening?

Hello I am a hispanic man, My issue I have is that my buttocks and genitels area is way darker than the rest of the body. Its close to being black. I... READ MORE

Face complexion has become darker than my body complexion. What should i do?

I'm male 24 yrs. my face complexion has become darker from my body comlexion from past 1yr. what should i do? i need lighter face complexion. please... READ MORE

Bleaching Cream or Treatment? (photo)

I have discoloration. I am like three different shades of brown. My face is dark, my chest is like an almond color and my legs are like a mix b/w dark... READ MORE

My Hands Are White but my Face is Light Tan...why? (photo)

I've my hands white but my face is light tan..im asian origin and i want to know whats the possible reason behind this....i also have acne problem..... READ MORE

I have uneven skin tone and don't know how to correct it. (Photo)

Over winter break I had a blackheads and I squeezed the area to hard and it gave me a scab. I thought the scab was embarrassing enough and now I have... READ MORE

How to lighten, brighten, whiten, and even skin?

I have always disliked my skin. Ever since I was young I never has happy with my skin tone. I have Uneven skin and my elbows and nuckles are darker... READ MORE

How to whiten inner thighs? (Photo)

I have a uneven skin tone, my inner thigh is darker, I have a fair complexion. Someone told me to put Maxi peel on it and wait til it peel off... And... READ MORE

Back, Stomach and Butt Are Darker Are Severely Darker Than the Rest of my Body? (photo)

I'm a black female teenager with light brown skin. But my butt, stomach and lower back are really black. In my baby pictures my body was all one skin... READ MORE

How to Get my Original Skin Tone Back?

Iam 19ys old.my original colour of skin is fair yellowish white.just a week ago, iam very fair.but my colour darkened(to light brown or average skin... READ MORE

Can I Use Monobenzone Cream to Lighten my Normal Skin?

I want to get a even skin tone and possibly go one shade lighter. I ran across a lot of information on monobenzone...I was wondering could I mix very... READ MORE

Certain Parts of my Face Just Wont Get Lighter?

Hello, I am African-American, and my skin (on my face and neck) has gotten very dark from sun exposure. I have tried different skin lightening creams... READ MORE

How to get back to my normal skin colour?

I used to have much dark spots on my face and someone recomended a certain cream which I started using but all of a sudden my face is lighter than my... READ MORE

Any suggestions for a good skin lightning cream without side effects?

I had used Lisa's skin lightning cream ,but I stopped as it cannot be used for long time.i have uneven skin tone in my face. READ MORE

My Face is Dam Black Than my Rest of Body What to Do?

My nody and legs are so white that if u see seperately u ll say that face is different and body is of different person.... READ MORE

Skin on nose is different from the rest of my face. How to correct this problem?

As a child someone rubbedd lemon juice on my nose and told me to go into the sun as this would supposedly get rid of my blackheads. I did not know it... READ MORE

I'm pregnant, why is my butt not the same anymore and how can I get it back?

Well since I'm pregnant my butt got so ugly like the skin tone is really un even and like the inner part got to dark and I got alot of stretch marks... READ MORE

Hello, my name is Horace I have an uneven skin tone on face, neck and a patch on my chest. (Photo)

How can I get rid of my uneven skin tone on my face. Also my neck is darker than my normal skin tone. I don't know if that sun burn or what. Also my... READ MORE

Please What Cream Can I Use on My Face?

I have a dark face and a fair body. I have tried every cream but the face is still dark. I'm planning to start using fair and white lotion the pink... READ MORE

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