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Given Hydroquinone is Now Banned by the FDA, is Lustra a Safe Cream to Use?

Dr Nick Lowe has suggested I use Lustra for under eye dark circles. I am worried about the effects of hydroquinone... READ MORE

How can I lighten my dark lips and eyes? (Photo)

My undet eyes and eyelids are reaaly dark and i have a dark lip around my bottom lip is there anything i can do to lighten those? READ MORE

Why under my eyes get brown or purple after two years of treatment with bleaching cream?

My under eyes look very bad please ineed somebody to help me icry alot from the look under my eyes first when iwas pregnant i get hypigmentation... READ MORE

I have thin skin and discoloration under my eyes. Even though this is hereditary, is there any way to fix this? (Photo)

I have very thin skin under my eyes and I also have a little discoloration where the thinness is. It's hereditary almost all of my family has this... READ MORE

What is this dark spot that extends down from my eye? (Photo)

I am a 40 years old and over the last 3 years I have had Rosacea. Over the last year I have developed a dark spot with a defined edge which extends... READ MORE

Advise needed to lighten dark eye lids and under eyes for Indian female? (photos)

Hi I am of Indian decent with very very dark eye circles and dark eye lids I have had these since I was very young but with age I now end up looking... READ MORE

How to lighten dark skin areas above and below eyes? (Photo)

I am males, 56 years old, caucasian. I have dark skin areas above and below my eyes. I have tried whitening cream, but without any... READ MORE

Lighten Dark Under Eye Area Due to Facial Injury?

I fractured my orbital bone 9 months ago, and my under eye area still looks dark. Is there anything I can do to lighten the area? READ MORE

What's the best treatments for dark spots in the face, dark under eye and dark groins?

I wanted to know the best treatments for them please. Thank you READ MORE

I just want an even skin tone - what can I do?

Hi, I hate taking off my makeup and looking at my self in the mirror, I'm female and 17 years of age, I have dark pink circles under my eyes and some... READ MORE

Best Treatment for sun damage and discoloration under eyes, fine wrinkles and brown discoloration around mouth? (photo)

I am 34 years old and have developed a lot of sun damage discoloration under my eyes and on my cheek bones that is really starting to accentuate my... READ MORE

I used a lightening cream as I have pigmentation. It worked but under my eyes and neck are brown. Would self tanning help?

I used the the cream for 2 weeks only My face looks really weird , please help me I have school in 2 weeks Should I do self tanning ? I can't do real... READ MORE

Can anything be done for stained eyelids and under eyes? (Photo)

I have what's called "stained eyelids and under eyes " due to allergies . The skin under by eyes has started to thin has I get older and it's getting... READ MORE

How can I remove the redness from my face?

About 2 years ago I used to have light skin complexion. That summer I worked as a lifeguard for my community pool and became very tan. thats not my... READ MORE

Getting black marks beside nose

Getting black marks beside nose or under eyes READ MORE

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