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How do i lighten my underarms and inner thighs?

Ive been facing discolouration of these areas n its embarassing... Its been so long and i dont know what to do :( READ MORE

Best options for getting rid of skin pigmentation in my inner thighs, bottom and under arms?

I am a 27 year female old from Australia with a Papua New Guinea/ Spanish background. I have light to mid coloured skin and the skin colour on my... READ MORE

Dark underarm skin? (photo)

Dark underarm skin. tried everything from lemon juice to potato juice to prescription creams(anti fungal powder) but nothing works. I am thinking of... READ MORE

Dark Neck and Underarms?

Some parts of my body have got very dark from past few years. Now what would u suggest to lighten them such as neck, underarms in around 2-3 months READ MORE

I Have Dark Underarms, Which Skin Lightening Cream Works?

A few years back i got a rash because of heat and underarms got really dark. Do you know if the cream meladerm would work? if not do you recommend any... READ MORE

What is the best bleaching/whitening cream to use on legs and underarm? (Photo)

I never shows my legs, ever I have bad bite scars and black looking rings around every scar/bite I also have really dark knees, elbows, underarms… e... READ MORE

Treatment for Dark Underarms from Harsh Deodorants?

I have dark underarms because when I was younger, I used a harsh antiperspirant. I noticed that it was causing discoloration so I stopped using it... READ MORE

How Do You Whiten Dark Underarms Due to Deodorant Burn?

I have dark underarms after using deodorant that slowly burning your skin as time pass. Any recommendation how to whiten it? READ MORE

How to get rid of dark underarms?

I m 16 i have dark under arms .so which cream should i use to remove darkness.? READ MORE

What are skin lightening fix/products for bikini area and underarms?

Hi, I had dark skin in my underarms and bikini area. So I decided to use Marie Francis peeling oil - that was HUGE mistake because it initially burned... READ MORE

I have a very dark underarm and groin area: PCOD. 36 year old Asian Indian. Is there any treatment for this?

Very dark Underarm and groin area: PCOD. 36 year old Asian Indian My periods are regular now without oral contraceptives used to regularize them. Am... READ MORE

Alternative Cream to Bleaching or Hydroquinone for the Underarms?

I had tca peel done on my underarms 10 days ago. The peeling is almost done and I apply hydrocortisone cream if its itchy or red. The problem is my... READ MORE

How to lighten dark areas? I'm 28, Middle Eastern with light olive skin

Hello, I'm a 28 year old woman of a Middle Eastern ethnicity and with a light olive skin. I have dark underarms, private areas and elbows and knees. I... READ MORE

What is the best procedure to lighten under arm and rectum skin?

I am 29 years old with light skin. Not white but pretty fair. However under arm and rectum area is VERY dark. I have had it this way since I can... READ MORE

How I can I get rid of a dark neck and dark underarms?

I have had this for a while now, and it's embarrassing. I shower ever day so it's not dirty. READ MORE

I have dark underarms (diagnosed with Acanthosis Nigricans). I don't know how to treat it? Can't find underlying cause? (Photo)

Noticed armpits when I was 12yrs -20 now. I'm not diabetic, dont have insulin resistance, thyroid levels are good, FSH and LH levels are good, dont... READ MORE

My inner thighs, vagina and under arms are dark. It creates distance in my sex life. Please help me to get rid of it, any cream?

My inner thighs/vigina/and under arms are dark. I don't were tight cloths or use any cream to remove hair.I feel bad for my complexion,I sm very fair... READ MORE

Can Dark Spots Between Thighs and Bottoms Be Removed?

I have dark spots on my inner thighs, bottoms and the skin fold of my private part. Also, on underarms. Is there a method to clear the skin out? READ MORE

How to Lighten Dark Underarms?

I'm slightly fair-skinned but have very terrible and unsightly dark underarms. Way back in high school, my skin color is even until I started to shave... READ MORE

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